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so ive bin wondering what kind of a jutsu susano is?

to me it seems to be a kick ass summon (owned 8 hydras in a matter of seconds) which provides offensive and defensive capabilities.

if thats the case however, how the hell was it summoned? i recall that both itachi and sasuke were out of jutsu and that sasuke could only use kirin because it wasnt his chakra or sumting like that..........
anyway i'm pretty sure summons need chakra so is susano actualy something else completely?

it also makes me wonder that if both amaterasu and tsukiyomi both take up loads of chakra, and susano appaerntly doesnt, he shuld just forget the other 2 and spam susano allowing him to rape opponents without chakra losss.

another thing, is susanon required for itachi to use that special sword? (cant remember its name)
well, itachi did say sasuke was out o chakra , but i didnt hear sayig itachi was out of it...correct me if im wrong...:)
For one it is going to be the most tarded attack in arguments now... besides that i think it is a just a summon... and i don't think it was ever stated that Itachi was out of chakra... hopefully we can find out what Susanoo actually does, all we have seen now was him attack with the special sword
I think the most irritating part of the appearance of Susano is that Sasuke had chosen to use a move that couldn't be blocked or dodged and yet blocked it was... Evidently Susano also doesn't require the use of seals, the expenditure of chakra, or anything else that Sasuke would have been able to see due to his sharingan... It reeks of filler and a method by which to set up another fight,
Itachi was never low on chakara, it was quoted by zetsu that he "reckons"
both of them are out of chakara, then it was quoted that Itachi noticed
Sasuke was out of chakara.

As for susano'o, i rkn its an air/chakara particles type summon.
Well, one of his eyes had to relapse to normal because of the summoning. And MS requires a considerable amount of chakra.
It seemed to be a special condition jutsu, so maybe it comes out by its own will or something if it really is a summon. If not then Itachi really didnt burn that much chakra.
One of each prior MS jutsu, a few weak genjutsu and a bit of fire shouldnt burn him out too much.
Its a cool summon but idk about the chakra how much chakra do u need to summon cuz Jiraiya Tsunade Orochi Kakashi Naruto Gai an any other does summons and it seems its doesnt take alot out of them

I remember Itachi saying it was also one of the techniques that was awakened the day he got MS, so I'm leaning more towards a genjutsu type summon. (if that's even possible:huh) Still not really to sure....
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