Survey: Which Sex Rules The Majority Of Sasuke's FanBase?

Survey: Which Sex Rules The Majority Of Sasuke's FanBase?

  • Im A Sasuke Fan: Male

    Votes: 100 48.8%
  • Im A Sasuke Fan: Female

    Votes: 105 51.2%

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I made this thread to find out on this Forum which gender rules the majortiy of Sasuke's Fanbase. I believe the majority of Sasuke's fans are female because they find his rebellious attitude and looks attractive.

Im a guy and that rebellious attitude keeps me from really appreciating his character, yet I still see quite a bit of male Sasuke fans also. What draws you to his character? Is it his rough past that had you relate to him in a way or do you just think he's badass?

Please, after answering the poll, share the reasons of why you enjoy Sasuke's character and put down if your male or female.
I'm a girl and I just started liking Sasuke after reading the Team Hebi arc. I guess it's becuase he's badass.
Dude you should have posted this in the House of Uzumaki,

The reason I didnt post this in HOU is because opinons of Sasuke might have changed during the later chapters in the manga. HOU is mainly for events that happend in the anime.

People who post in HOU might not have known about the Sasuke, Itachi fight which if read could have rendered there opinion of Sasuke.
too much spam in here.
I am a guy and don't like him that much. But the times i do like him are when he shows his cool demeanor.

Example - When he met up wit Itachi and said "I see you dead"
I was once male.
I like Sasuke because he's reminescent of Kurapika. [Inferior of course :awesome]
I'm a girl, but it's his past, the way he is distant yet you can tell he's good inside, and the redemption aspect that make me like him.

It seems pretty equal right now.
I'm not surprised. :zaru

Female. I like him because I prefer reading about antiheroes/bastards. :D

Oh, and he is hot. And he was a cute kid.
Female. I like him for many things. Sure, he is a pretty boy and badass but that isn't only what i like about him. Someone wrote this and says everything:

I like Sasuke for offering Naruto lunch during the bell test.

For trying to cheer up Sakura when she was scared of entering the chuunin exams.

For periodically risking his own life to save Sakura and Naruto.

For thanking Sakura.

For, even at his darkest moment, choosing not to kill Naruto.

For smiling at a bridge.

For adoring his older brother so much, so incredibly, so boundlessly, that he cannot overcome that lie.

This is why i like him, i like his force of will, i like his persistence, i like him even more because the wrong choices he made, because his flaws, makes more real to me, more human. He has a long way to go, he has so much to learn and i want to see it.
I'm female. I don't really care about what he looks like - it's his personality in contrast to others around him, the decisions he has made, and.. Well, I just find him a lot more interesting than many other Naruto characters, that's for sure!

He's messed up, and I like it.
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