Strangest anime you've seen or heard of

Serial Experiments Lain.

It was too DEEP for me. I seriously had no idea what the hell was going on most of the time.

Eiken also deserves a mention.
There was some anime that I watched when I was really young and rented random anime videos from some store. I can't remember what it was called... DNA something...

Anyway, the whole anime was all about this girl who went back in time because she was supposed to shoot some guy with some weird bullet that'd stop him from becoming a mega playboy, except I think she took the wrong bullet with him, and that bullet caused him to become the mega playboy. And ironically, he puked every time he was around a girl besides for relatives and his best friend.

That's definitely the STRANGEST anime I've ever seen.
There was some anime that I watched when I was really young and rented random anime videos from some store. I can't remember what it was called... DNA something...

You're talking about DNA^2 also known as Dokokade Nakushita Aitsu no Aitsu.

Weirdest anime I've seen have been totally abstract shows like Cat Soup or BLAME!, which lack much of anything approximating a consistent narrative and are just a bizarre series events that tend to defy cause and effect. Some other pretty bizarre titles include Digital Juice and Noiseman Sound Insect.
The first watchthrough of Neon Genesis Evangelion. I know NOBODY ON THE FACE OF THE PLANET got that show the first time they watched it. Not even Hideaki Anno. After the last ep the world said a collective "LOL, WUT!?"
Bobobo was weird.. so was FLCL (though at least FLCL had a measure of plot that you could follow, if you looked really hard and could take your eyes off of the main female char)

Though the weirdest ive seen so far is this one called naruto. Its about some ninja-wannabe with a fashion disorder (what ninja in their right mind wears bright orange?) and a thomas the train attitude "i think i can, i think i can!" who adopts an emo kid for a brother, and a porn-book reading odd-eyed guy as a teacher. Toss in an equally weird supporting cast (a kid with a species identity issue, a compulsive eater, a hardcore-lazy-but-super IQ'd chess player, an even-worse fashion sensed kid with a bowl haircut and a bruce lee complex, a cple of fangirls and a cple kids from a family that hates itself.

Then there's the kids from the village next door. A kid who's all about the sandbox and has a MAJOR anger problem, a guy who likes his dolls, and a girl who's a punkrocker wanna-be, and ya have the anime that is naruto.

Total weirdness, i tell ya :iria
Dokuro Chan. I liked it though.

Binkan Salaryman Sausage...Was a little hardcore for me XD


FLCL hands down.

I seriously don't think it even had a point, beautiful animation though.
FLCL - my head hurt after only two episodes

Bobobo-bobo Bobo - :arg

Oh and Super Milk-chan or whatever it's called. OMG, my brain needed rewiring after watching just 10 minutes of that shit.
FLCL, i know its not exactly original, but I had a hard time getting what the HELL was going on 90 percent of the time :(
...FLCL, First watchthru: ...que? (until about he last episode)
...FLCL, Second watchthru: ..Hey, this is pretty cool... Ooh, I never noticed that before. Lol! Awesome
...FLCL, Third watchthru: LoL! Brilliant! Awesome.. Ooh, I never noticed that before.
...FLCL, Fourth watchthru: I <3 this show... Ooh, I never noticed that before
...FLCL, Fifth watchthru: Ooh, I never noticed that before..

Awesome show.. :amuse

I droped the serie after a single episode, it was just to weird.
Getting hit in the head by a guitar getting a bump and the giagantic robots grow out of it and start a war among each other.
for me, hale nochi guu ( Haré+Guu ) takes the cake, about a little girl (who's not human) who has a whole world inside her stomach ,with most of the residents being people she ate

When I first came out and I saw it I was wondering "WTF is this shit?"

Even now when I try to watch it I keep asking the same question.
FLCL isn't that hard to understand once you get the grasp of it. It's basically a coming of age story and about penises.

I'm dead fucking serious btw. Those guitars are supposed to symbolize the size of his penis. I think this was even confirmed by the director.
Serial Experiments Lain was definitely the weirdest anime I've seen.

And now I want to watch Neo Ranga for the naked girls :huh
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