SOTW 89: Ballots

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3 Points - Murasaki

Love the bg, blending, text and colors.

2 Points - Apple

The whole composition is good, but i find the bg a little empty.

1 Point - Lunar

Bg is pretty good, but i think some of the stuff in the bg is unnessesary and it could use better lighting imo.

3 points - Murasaki
I really love the background and colors. Good blending and text too.

2 points - Apple
Great effects, bg and I love how the stock blends in. Typo is nice aswell.

1 point - suzbot
For some reason I really liked this tag. Nice bg, colors and blending. Remove the text on the right and left though.
1.Suzbot-excellent and unqiue the style is great ..the flow is nice..and nothing seems bad

2.garlic rush- nice size and sig.....whould've have been first but you didnt add enogh depth to the stock

3.Apple-its not everyday i see something like this....good work
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