SotW 156: Decorative

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Art prevails!
SotW 156

Topic chosen by - Curry

The Rules -

- SOTW closes on Saturday night, and voting takes place on Sunday.
- Maximum size for sigs is 550 x 550 pixels.
- One entry per person, and it has to be done by you.
- Entry has to be NEW, done for SOTW.
- You may not vote for yourself when the voting comes.
- If you win, you will receive a PM and will have the chance to pick the next topic.
- Only entries shall be posted in this thread. If you wanna chat, do so in the Discussion Thread.
- Do NOT post your signature (see Additional Options at the bottom of your message).
- Read the SOTW Rules thread for more information or send me a private message.

Good luck!

Some one drew this picture and wanted me to color it. I forgot and she forgot to ever ask again. :ano Creator is a bad boy. So i thought put it to good use. :ano The drawings done by Revenge. :amuse

If you like the drawing, please give her the credit. :amuse
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