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Do you feel that you want to give up already? Do you think about suicide or other stuffs that will help you to escape your sufferings?:oh
I tried to do it several times before, but Im really scared to die, I wonder what it feels to die:oh
I feel this subject is a little personal for a public forum, but if anyone is feeling this way, they should tell a close friend or very trusted adult! :D

Edit: Twix, everyone wonders about death, and what it is like. It is what makes the human species unique. However, you should happy and lucky to be able to be so young, and have many oppurtunities ahead of you. You never know when your time will come, and life is short, so instead of dwelling on death, try to look on the bright side and live each day to the fullest. And if you are feeling sad and like things are unbearable, and don't think you can find someone to talk to, try writing everything down (maybe even a pretend suicide letter, just to get feelings out). Also, try to focus that energy on something productive.... If all fails, ( I know it sounds a little corny) but there are hotlines you can call...
I'm not gonna lie, I would love to die. I just don't have anything to live for. I'd give up my life for someone else right now if I could.

I won't kill myself, but I'd die for anyone.
I have this intense curiosity to see what is in the after life, so in that sense I cannot wait until death. But if you mean would I kill myself? Hah no, I have too much debt to kill myself now.
nah I love life, its too early to give up wtf you guys talkin about. Life's shorter than you think so enjoy it
I once thought and felt like committing suicide. Probably not because of my 'suffering' ,but because I wanted to know what it was like to die and to go to the AL. But then I decided not to because it was stupid thing to think about, and I've got waay too many goals to 'give up' now. xD
I hate suicide and suicidal people. Its a waste of a life.

But yes, sometimes i wish i could just fast forward time like 5 years so all my education is done and dusted and i have a stable job, hopefully a GF who loves me aswell. But then reality smacks me in the face and i realize that fast forwarding is just an illusion. :oh

I know sometimes it seems like life isn't worth living...I felt like that when I was eight and everyone made fun of me because I was in the U.S. and could not speak English. But I didn't know about suicide.

But it is worth living. Studies show that right after someone tries to kill themselves, they have a mind numbing urge to live.

Suicide is cowardice. Escaping from a little bit of pain when people around the world are going through so much more. Everyone should live as long as they can....even if it's for others' happiness.

I'm alive, and I'm loving every millisecond of it. ^_^
Suicide? Hell no. I don't really think that committing suicide is the right way to escape of my problems :zaru Is better if I solve them
Why, yes. I think about it often, and I was thinking about it last night, actually. I'm basically a waste of human life, though I'd never kill myself. Ever.
I think you all should just commit suicide. It would save me the time of having to click on an another retarded thread like this one.
Yes, I have. but I would never do it. I know suicide is a cowards way out.
I rather solve the problems that I can.
I'm not gonna lie, I would love to die. I just don't have anything to live for. I'd give up my life for someone else right now if I could.

I won't kill myself, but I'd die for anyone.

See? All you nonbelievers, them crazy christians be right, Jebus is a comin' back.

Anyways, not since I was a teen. Then I stopped listening to crappy emo music, and it was like a whole new day. And now everything is awesome! Hooray for everything! Woohoo!
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