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The Bloody Nine


Do you know what Susanoo is ? Its Shiki Fujin on SPEED!

It is easily the most broken jutsu to date, a ridiculously over-powered offensive move that might be unblockable because how on earth do you block a spirit sword ? Then there is the defence; its perfect a mountain-flattening move like Kirin can just about remove your first layer of clothing. I saw all that last week I didn?t say anything because I knew there was a price, there has to be a price and this week we found out what the price was.

Coughing blood! I mean yes that is pretty fucked up but if you?re a mountain-flattening shinobi it?s not like a little bit of blood will slow you down. Its not even a serious amount of blood because Itachi has obviously used this jutsu before and survived. Or at least that?s what can be inferred from his comment ?the third eye technique that awoke that night?

Now some of you may say that the price was giving Itachi a heart attack, but that obviously not the case because Itachi says ?I will take my time and savour it.? Now we must assume that Itachi has mastered this jutsu and is well aware of what it can do to him so a heart attack was definitely not on the agenda otherwise Itach I would have rushed it.

Im not an Itachi-tard, im not even an Itachi fan but I have to say thanks to Susanoo he is the most over-powered character in the manga so far.
There's more to Itachi dying all of a sudden like that - i don't think it has much to do with susanoo.

Anyways, Itachi is the most powerful to date.

Good thread.
its overpowered, but Itachi isnt the strongest in the manga....either way I think there were other factors to Itachi's death
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