Solution to Palestinian-Israeli conflict(s).

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With the recent events in Gaza and throughout Israel along with seeing the posts of certain members, I've decided to make a thread where forum members can post their view/opinion on how a peaceful solution can be brought about between the warring sides? If you believe there is a way to solve things between the two.

Post and Discuss.
israel needs to completely end all settlements/outposts, withdraw forces from the west bank, and ease travel restrictions, get rid of the ugly wall, stop withholding tax revenues owed to the palestinian authority, and also not interfere in palestinian politics anymore (i.e. stop trying to play fatah off hamas)

palestinians needs to STOP suicide bombing israelis especially the innocent civilians, that just wrong and makes them look bad to the world. next OFFICIALLY RECOGNIZE israel has a right to exist in its 1967 borders!!! thirdly they need to demonstrate they can really run a country in the west bank and gaza strip, it might be a little tough since their coutnry is separated intio two sections but hopefully they can achieve unity. and of course they need to sort things out better between fatah and hamas, and get more used to regular elections and other things with democracy, such as a more independent newsmedia and respect for women/gays/etc.
UN marches in, separates Israelis and Palestinians by force, both parties withdraw to agreed upon boundary's with buffer zones and equal water rights. Extremist parties are barred from local government on both sides. Jerusalem and other joint religious sites are neutral zones for all parties involved, patrolled by Swiss Mercenaries hand chosen, heavily armed, and multilingual. Other concerns are to be solved as soon as workable solutions are found, even if more violence is needed. Its kind of a "Celestial Being" solution. It would work if the rest of the world had the stomach for it, which it doesn't, be cause the rest of the world, including the USA, are a bunch of pussies.
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