so what's happened since around 150?

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im just wondering, has much happened in the world of naruto since around ep. 150? the last thing i remember was that guy with the 2 lightning rods for weapons against rock lee. can anyone please give me a run down of what has gone on since then?
well, from 150-220 there was nothing but filler, so the only thing important happening is Naruto leaving Konoha with Jiraiya for 3 years for training (in second half of 220). After 220, we got a new series, Naruto: Shippuuden, and started from episode 1 again.
In that time, we've seen two new Akatsuki's, Deidara and Sasori, Gaara is Kazekage, got kidnapped, killed and resurrected, Sakura kills Sasori with the help of Chiyo, an elder from the sand, who later dies resurrecting Gaara. Naruto fought a fake Itachi, and Deidara, Team Gai fought a fake Kisame and copies of themselves, Naruto saves Gaara, goes back to Konoha, everyone has new outfits, we meet two new characters, Yamato and Sai, Naruto, Sakura, Yamato and Sai goes to the Heaven and Earth bridge, Naruto fights Orochimaru and goes Kyuubi 4 tails, they follow Orochimaru and Kabuto to Oro's hideout, and now they search for Sasuke. That's basically all that's happened :p
he posed the question....thus he was asking for spoilers...

plus, spoiling all of shippuuden would include manga spoilers
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