So umm...... What happens to sasuke now?


True heir to Oro's Legecy!!
I'm sorry but i have to change the subject a little, all the oro bashing is tiring. anyways, It's safe to say that sasuke is at his limit, his only shot at winning was sucked into a bottle :( :cry . On the other side of the field there is itachi and susanoo. I have got to admit things look pretty grim for the boy wonder. I mean it is at the point that without a secret technique up his sleeve or an interference by a third party him and oro will be roommates. what do you guys think?
yeah things look pretty bad now but i can't help thinking that sasuke has a last hidden jutsu up his sleeve something that sasuke doesn't want to use but he has no other choice
it can't end this way...sasuke has to win he is one of the main characters...
Sasuke will get MS and rip Itachi's eyeballs off to get EMS. Then he will become evil and destroy the whole narutoverse.
Once Susanoo wears off, he stabs the blind Itachi in the heart with his sword. Easy.
that would be very lame.
Itachi just proves that Sasukay is our of Chakra with Sharingan.
My prediction for next time: Itachi will survive.
Well, Itachi is going to finish him of, but then sasuke gets up, and comes up with (ANOTHER!) hidden move he planned. and this proces will continue voor like 5 more chapters.
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