so really has anyone actucally been killed by a kunai/shiriken?


I mean they are tools of a ninja but yet we never see them being used to actucally kill someone. like stab and u die. Aside from the extras that appear and die with in 7 seconds there dont seem to be much. everytime someone get stabbed they kawarmi out of it.

And btw what happened to kawarmi ITS NOT USED ANYMORE.
...I suppose one could argue Zabuza was killed because kunai made his arms useless, Hiden would have died in the latest chapter if he wasn't immortal, Most of the uchiha clan were killed by a sword and shuriken. Theres been lots of helped deaths by kunai/shuriken
Obito killed that one rock nin with a kunai. Yondaime killed scores of enemies with a kunai. Zabuza killed quite a few. Kakashi stuck two kunai's in two sound nins heads.

There has also been scores of injuries from shurikan and kunai.
No ninja with any true talent has been defeated with Kunai. Only the small, insignifigant characters have, the ones who well... SUCK!
Yeah Yodaime actually ripped people apart with his kunais I would imagine. My understanding is that most ninjas use kunais and that as more a diversion than anything. Coz u know they gonna dodge , then u can plan your next attack . i dunno
they are usually used to distract if anything, only fodder ninjas die from kunai and shurikens. Tho they could help you in a battle if you hit them, like when Mizuki nailed Iruka, but then again they are not too
Naruto674 said:
they are usually used to distract if anything, only fodder ninjas die from kunai and shurikens. Tho they could help you in a battle if you hit them, like when Mizuki nailed Iruka, but then again they are not too

I agree with this... kinda like how throwing spikes are used for distraction, especially when they have brightly colored tassels on them to capture someone's attention. Even if you know they have a low chance hurting badly or even hitting you, you're naturally going to put forth some degree of effort to dodge or deflect them.

As for how effective kunai are at actually killing someone ... it depends, because kishi has been inconsistent with their size (think of the second bell training test, when naruto is standing behind kakashi his kunai seems really small).
This is a really ancient topic you know?
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Of course not!

Kunais are like stormtrooper shots. They're there to make the scenario look dangerous, and not much else. Besides, unique, big, flashy, and loud techniques that take up massive amounts of chakra are FAR more ninja-esque than some stupid pricker with a ring on the end.

Might as well be silverware at this point in the series.
As stated, Yondaime and Obito have killed with them.

Zabuza, too, when he used one in his mouth to slit the through of several hired mercenaries.
These are often referred to as "tools" in the series and thats basically what they are, be it diversionary tatics, cutting yourself free from things, pinning things down, etc, etc. I don't believe the idea for a shinobi to have ever use these tools for killing unless it was a last resort or convient to take out non-threatening opponents.
against a ninja who is the same level as you then a kunai isnt used to kill, its used to distract someone while you set ur plan for their death in motion
Man, if you haven't noticed the entire Uchiha Clan was wiped out by kunais, shuriken and a katana.
Almost everyone here is claiming only useless characters die by those, then Uchiha clan=less than shit, or in other words shit>>>Uchiha clan
Well, I always though of Kunai as some kind of "nice" way to fight. The lands are in peace, so you can't be going around killing people who has contract to the opposite side of yours. Instead you hurt him with Non-lethal weapons.

The really bad boys (ANBU) have wakisazis or Katanas. Yes, I know how ironic it is that I call Anbu for bad boys, God knows they are the faceless cannonfodder of Naruto (a jounin and three chuunins made a better job than the ANBU FFS!!)
Kunai Death Toll:

Who? When? Killer
2nd Rock Ninja, Kakashi Gaiden, Obito
Random Sound Ninja, Konoha Destruction, Kakashi
Random Konoha Ninja, Konoha Destruction, Random Sand Ninja
Uchiha Clan, Sometime in the past, Itachi
Random Rock Ninja's, Kakashi Gaiden, Yondaime Ninja worth their salt dies by a kunai.
several ninja during the invasion of konoha get kunai's rammed into their head by kakashi, yondaime kiilled using a kunai

nameless characters might die from them, but of course popular characters won't go out without a flourish
Yea, I mean, honestly, do you think Kishimoto could get away with killing a character with a kunai? It'd be like Naruto falling down and hitting his head on a rock and dying. It's possible if it were real life, but it's not exciting enough to do.

Now nameless ninja might die from them, but that doesn't mean they're weak. Kabuto's killed an ANBU captain with Kunai.
If primary characters die from a simple kunai throw, that would make Ten-ten freaking Hokage level! Oh the humanity...
I agree with kunais, they are like snowballs. However Deidei used Kawarimi on Naruto not too long ago.
Kurenai nearly got killed by Itachi's kunai also. Wonder if she questioned her life after.
I don't know if this counts, but Kidoumaru killed Naruto's bunshins with spider-like kunais would call them spikes but w/e
bunshins don't count as ninja. kunai are like katon jutsu. you won't die from it unless your life was meaningless. question: do you think hidan is inmortal because he is exploiting this narutoverse flaw? maybe his power is to break the 4th wall and see that kunai can't kill a real ninja so he doesn't even attempt to stop them
Why are people forgetting Zabuza... he had kunais in his arms which disabled his arms which led to his defeat/death, hes probably the only big character that died from kunais i guess.
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