SKOTW 138 - Mafia

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Art prevails!

Topic chosen by ~ Shrymmy

IMPORTANT - New Schedule

The Entry thread is open from Monday to Saturday night.
The voting is Sunday.

The Rules ~
- The sketch has to be new and done for SKOTW.
- No chat here (there's the Discussion thread for that). I only want to see your sketches.
- You can interpret the topic as you wish.
- Every medium is allowed and you can color it (as long as it respects the rules - see SKOTW rules for more details).
- Do not copy your sketch from somewhere else.
- If you have questions, PM me or ask them in the Discussion thread.

Good luck gang!
I must have too much free time on my hands...anyways, it's a 1930's flare pistol.:amuse

Sorry 'bout the quality, I don't have a scanner.:notrust
Well.... considering I had to start over and trash my old entry, find 3 new pens because all my old ones ran out... I'd say it's not bad. But it's really ugly and rushed still. :(
Oh well here it is!
i think this is the fastest i've done a skotw piece lol

had no idea about the topic, but i watched kill bill again tonight and since yakuza is basically the japanese mafia i decided i'd do it about the queen of the tokyo crime syndicate O-ren Ishii..having some nice tea...with the crazy 88 watching her back (tried to make 88 pair of eyes...but it just looked silly lol)
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