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    Check out The Lifestyle Lounge Short Stories Competition!
    Deadline is July 26th, 2021 midnight, UCT..
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Short Story Contest (DEADLINE AUGUST 2, 2021)



Hello everyone,

Thanks for your feedback! excited to announce the return of our Short Stories Competition. The theme is: freestyle! A few ground rules for the contest:

Members will enter into a friendly competition to submit their stories.
Please make sure your stories are at least 350 words.
Entry needs to be created by you.
You cannot vote for yourself.
The entries has to be sent via PM to @Raiden and @Island until July 26th, 2021 midnight, UCT.
General forums rules still in effect.

Voting Process

Submissions will be posted anonymously.
The authors will be revealed after the winner has been decided.
Do not reveal your entry, this contest is supposed to be as neutral as possible.
Voting will last from July 26th, 2021- August 2nd, 2021 at midnight. , UTC.

Awards for Contest:

30K participation rep for all entries.

1st Place -7 CC Points
2nd Place- 4 CC Points
3rd Place- 2 CC Points​
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I have some ideas. Let's see if I manage to put them into words.

Good stuff anyway. I'll try.


Daedric Prince of Derp AI
I'm on vacation in the middle of nowhere (kinda) so maybe next time.


Thanks for the invite, but I have never tried to write anything before so I don't think I'll contribute to this.
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