Short people more prone to jealousy: study


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PARIS (AFP) - Short people should pray for a return to the Seventies fashion of stack heels, for the power of jealousy depends on how tall you are, the British weekly New Scientist says.

Researchers at the University of Groningen in the Netherlands and University of Valencia in Spain asked 549 Dutch and Spanish men and women to rate how jealous they felt, and to list the qualities in a romantic competitor that were most likely to make them ill at ease.

Men generally felt most nervous about attractive, rich and strong rivals.

But these feelings were increasingly relaxed the taller they were themselves. The more vertically challenged the man, the greater his feelings of jealousy.

For women, what counted most in jealousy was the rival's looks and charm, but these feelings were less intense if the woman herself was of average height.

This makes sense in evolutionary terms, says New Scientist, in next Saturday's issue.

Taller men are most successful with women, and women of medium height enjoy the best health, fertility and popularity with men.

On the other hand, a woman of average height could in certain circumstances fall afoul of the green-eyed monster if their rival were taller.

"Taller women are more dominant and have greater fighting abilities than shorter women," says the study, which appears in the journal Evolution and Human Behavior.

I guess this isn't really that surprising but it's still interesting.

I'm 5'8" myself(female).
I am completely jealous of how you managed to find this study before me. :LOS Sure do love the things researchers look into now since much of what has been done covered the ones that would make sense. Must have been fun in the times when people could look at things like physical appearence and self-esteem and have it be new and fresh.
I call this total bullshit. :facepalm
Couldn't these researchers spend our money with more serious stuff really :/
These dudes are a bunch of parasites, fire them out of the Universities
I agree.

I'm mad tall and I'm no where near as jealous about things/people as some of my little homeys.
Good fucking god, just what do they spend their grant money on over there?

Do they just brain storm to find the most inane studies of which they can think, impliment them, ???, profit?
Well, I'm jealous that those damn scientists have so much time on their hands. Or, rather, I'm pissed that they waste time on this stuff instead of finding cures for AIDS and cancer.
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I'm not surprised about this as I'm probably seen as a "short guy" by a lot of people (I'm 5'7") and I tend to get jealous quite easily over things like guys coming onto my woman. I think the fact I like tall girls with nice long legs contributes to my jealousy too.
I dont need a research study to tell me that i am jealous of tall people. :notrust

I mean its fun having everyone you know being taller then you, even the girls. :notrust
I'm not surprised about this as I'm probably seen as a "short guy" by a lot of people (I'm 5'7") and I tend to get jealous quite easily over things like guys coming onto my woman. I think the fact I like tall girls with nice long legs contributes to my jealousy too.

Awww...don't worry about being shorter than me, James. :hug I like you the way you are and Deidara is shorter than me too. :nuts
Lol so true, we always tell my sister to get over her short person complex, because in her favor shes hot.
When I went to Shanghai when I was 12, do you know how much people I was taller than?

I'm like 4'11 and one of the most jealous motherfuckers I know, actually. :oh

..Although, I like to call it being protective. :hmpf
Im 4'11 too and yeah I can get pretty jealous easily. Mostly about other stuff though, not usually about my hieght.
To quote the classic hardcore punk band Minor Threat:

Compete, compete, do it for the boys
Empty barrels make the most noise
You're always on the move
You've always got something to prove

What the fuck are you fighting for?
Is it because you're five foot four?
You better be happy with what you got
You'll never get anymore

You laugh at a man when he tries
You're trying to make up for your size
To you life is a rivalry
Keep a step ahead of me

Small man, Big Mouth
I guess tall women get more action than shorter women. But shorter women are more successful in life than tall women. I don't have the statistic to this because this is base on my perception of the world around me. Most tall and good looking women ended up you know where and doing you know what (prostitutes). Good looking women are mostly been look at by men as their sexual pleasure or play thing. As for shorter women, they get to marry good loving husbands and live happily. They are also more successful with their careers as well. If you don't believe me, just look at the world around you and observe it closely.

I guess the question should be do you want a moment of fun or a life time of happiness? Tall good looking women get to have a lot of "moment of fun" but they lost a life time of happiness. In the end or in the long run, who is more bitter and jealous? Tall good looking women or shorter ones?
ITT butthurt shortfags bitch about it being more useless than it really is, while they don't complain in much more useless threads.
There is a saying around here that goes something like this:

Tall women are for appearances and short women are for sex.
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