Shobu Kirifuda vs Yugi

1. End of series shobu vs yugi
2. End of series shobu vs Yami

They are playing duel masters and yugi has just as much experiences as he does with yugioh crads
Rape, Yugi is literally the Deus Ex Machina in card games. You would need someone in Macguyver caliber to take him in a card game.
But Yugi has heart of the cards at his side, and he rarely loses. Heck, Yugi win all of his match but few matches. All of his losses were just merely technical.
You mean the awesome strategy of Kaiba to break the little dwarf by causing him to see how pathetic he is in front of the Blue Eyes, right? :pek
You mean that rotting Blue Eyes that Yugi has magically made it to? Man Yami sure know how to cheats and bend the rules.

The Abridged series deal with this well enough.

God damn it, I hate that show...
Only good thing from it is the fanservice we might possibly get as well as the Abridged series.
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