Shizune & BOS Temari VS WA Hinata & Kurenai


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Rules: Manga and Anime Feats Allowed.

Mindset: In Character with Serious Intent.

Location: Kimimaro vs Gaara.

Starting Distance: 200 Feet apart away from each other.

Knowledge: Whatever Knowledge you think these Characters would have on each other.

Win By: Death. Or Neutralization if that's not Available.


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Powerwise Bos Temari is around same level as hinata and shizune stalmates with Kurenai.
However, hinata and Kurenai should have better teamwork due to their experience with each other and hinata can potentially increase effectiveness of her sensei's genjutsu.
On the other hand, Temari's wind can help to increase AoE of poison mist and with her destructive and obvious attacks, she could serve as distraction for shizune's precise needles. They also have tactical advantage as having medic in team, as well as better tactical kind itself in both Kunoichis.
I'd lean towards Kurenai and hinata if byakugan amp works out,but if it doesn't than Shizune and Temari would win.
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