Shisui on that Night


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Here a another pic of my version of Shisui. This time, He's at the river on the night he was "murdered":amuse

The sky bg looks really nice ^_^
Nice work with the river reflection on him and good coloring as well :thumbs
Keep up the good work :)
Thanks for the comments. I've been messin around with Painter IX so hopefully I can turn out some better line art since my scanners busted.
Is he wearing pants?

Anyways, nice job, it has a wonderful eeire feeling i`m guessing you where going after.
Well you could have drawn him in any way as we don't know what he looks like.

The ... i think it was called Aurora... light in the sky looks great.
Hmm... what do you guys think itachi meant by there being three people with the mangekyou sharingan? Or better yet, who?
I like it. :thumbs

His facial expression looks like he has foreseen his future. That's not far from how I picture what Shusui looks like, if he is a good guy that was killed. (He can look a bit cowardly and really did commit suicide, or an evil guy who forged his death and ran away. :O Anyway. ^^) And nice coloring on the starry night and light reflections from water.
thanks... I guess I should put up more of my post two year jump shisui pics, other than the bobblehead one.
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