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Sorry if I' m wrong here but since it has been theorized that Suigetsu might be Sai' s brother, I' d like to make out some points related to the anime shippuuden episode 050.

Well I dunno if I missed something in the manga, but I can' t remember that sai' s brother was ever shown there...

So there are some similarities between Sai' s brother and suigetsu (for example the hair style and colour) Now you will ask where the hack I saw suigetsu' s hair colour= well if I remember well he was on a cover page.

But everybody knows that hair style and colour has no meaning in naruto.

We can clearly see that suigetsu has other eyes and other teeth than sai' s brother. So what do you think:

are Suiegetsu and Sai' s bro' the same person, and his appearence changed after some orochimaru experiments

or are they 2 totally different persons?
What about Suigetsu's background with the village of the hidden mist!! Sai's brothers background was with anbu root!! so answer to your theory is no!
Sai's brother is dead, like he said.

I'm really not convinced that Suigetsu is his brother, because Sai's Brother is a Leaf Nin, while Suigetsu is of the Mist.
suigetsu is from the mist and he was known there cuz he cut his victims limbs with a sword like decapitation or something.

also kisame remembered him.

Sai's brother looks exactly the same as Suigetsu (minus the teeth). Suigetsu being from Hidden Mist doesn't mean ANYTHING. Orochimaru was from the Sound and before that he was from Konohagakure. Maybe they were separated from birth and Suigetsu ended up in Kirigakure, living his childhood there until Orochimaru abducted him for the experiments, who knows. But I'm betting on this one, as it would be pointless to even show images of Sai's brother and his drawings on the book, if he wasn't going to show up at some point of the story.
it's almost impossible since suigetsu comes from the hidden mist

have you watched shippuuden 49 and 50? it is said that sai went through a super training. There is also a flashback between kakashi and zabuza. It is said that in this training only the best survives. It implyz that shinobi who create bonds have to kill each other. This special training is also made in order to make shinobi emotionless, like sai. If you payed attention to the anime, you will notice that this special training takes place in the hidden mist village.

dazou send some root members (and of course sai) to this special training. This training takes place @ the hidden mist, suigetsu is from the hidden mist. Sai' s brother suddenly dies because of a disease(?!?) suigetsu is saved by sasuke in one of oro' s hideouts (we can say for sure that oro made some experiments on suigetsu) And not to mention they look exactly the same, excepted the teeth. We know for sure that team 7 will sooner or later meet up with team hebi.

So now my question, what' s the point of showing sai' s brother, and to give him screentime in the anime and not in the manga, if him and sai' s brother are not the same person???

I' m really not a supporter of this theory, but to see sai' s brother in the anime just made me think again about it....
something about it just wouldnt fit ,his brother would have to be konoha cos i cant see a village of mist member ever wearing a konoha outfit like sai's brother does in the flashbacks.
I've never really thought of that, but Sai and Suigetsu seem completely different, even if they end up siblings it wouldnt change a thing so its nice as a theory and all but it would be useless so why would kishie put it there? I think Sai's bro's time in ep.50 was to built Sai's character more than to make the connection with Suigetsu later on..

Orochimaru was from the Sound and before that he was from Konohagakure.
Wasnt Oro who made the Sound?
Prior to Shipuuden 50 i thought that the said theory may be possible, because the manga pictures were very similar.

But Shipuuden 50 had extensive footage of Sai's brother and they dont look alike here.
Well impossible things do happens, this story have many ways to go. Although I doubt it, but Sai is on Naruto's team and Suigetsu's from Sasuke's team makes me a feeling that something would crash lol. We would see about it when they meet.
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