Naruto "Shippu! Konoha Gakuen den" ~ FC


"Konoha Gakuen Den" Fanclub

This is the fanclub dedicated to the DVD special "Konoha Gakuen" Den. Will work on it some more later XD.

I know that there is already a "Naruto Schoolyard FC" out there or something like that but I don't think that the FC was actually really dedicated to this special so I thought I should make one especially dedicated to the special (If you mods feel that the other fanclub is enough then feel free to delete the FC).

Let's hope that there'll be more episodes of this out soon. I seriously LOVED it much.



All pairing discussions (related to the special in ANY way - that also means: if you find a SasuSaku fanart in which Sakura and Sasuke wear school uniforms you can also talk about that) are fine in here. Since this was a fanservice special I think we should tolerate each others tastes.

SO: Please no pairing or character bashing in here.


Owner: Kayuuko

Spoiler: Members

001: Fai D. Fluorite
002: Pika-chan
003: Bochi
004: Yakushi Kabuto
005: Sakura~Renge
006: Inuhanyou
007: Tara
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I want to join :wtf

Could I be Co-Owner?

That is if you are gonna have a co-owner if not then I will remain a normal member :amuse
Sorry about the late reply guys~ life was busy.
Added everyone to the list~ ^^ Thank you much for joining!

I still think about the co-owner thing since I really want someone who is active in here so I'll wait with that~

Does anyone of you have any fanarts related to this special to share
(single character pics and ALL pairings are allowed~)?
Checked the list. Thanks for adding my name! smile-big

Well, my favorite characters in this drama are Ino and Hinata. Especially Hinata's last line "Fuckin gum". When I heard it for the first time, I was like "Who said that !? :blink " lol
I have seen some Fanart on DA, if I am able to find them I will show them here :amuse

Alright, I just thought I would ask about the Co-owner, I can wait till you are ready though ^^
I'll join. I drew a (super sucky) pic of Ino and Sai with his glasses since she refers to him as Sai-sama in the DVD. As soon as I get a hold to a scanner, I'll upload it.

The NaruHina date was too cute, although I'm still pissed the Konoha students made her cry!
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