Shino vs Shikamaru & Itachi vs Orochimaru


I would like to know what you guys think. Tell me all of your thoughts. I think the winners would be Shino and Orochimaru. But you post your opinions.:nod
Well, the Itachi and Orochimaru thing has been covered already a few times. (Itachi by the way)

I think Shino could beat Shikamaru. You know, the bugs and all.
I don't get this fight, Is Shino secretly holding back his true strength? Well i'll go with the obvious pick then, Shika & Itachi.
ITACHI for the last time, and Shino will beat Shikamaru, shikamaru maybe smart but he doesnt have the skill too win (like against temari) and plus, shino is smart himself

itachi last man standing

or shika stop oro oro got kill by itachi shino got kill by itachi shikamaru itach i both alive
and itachi say i dont need yo no more shika got kill by itachi
What if Shikamaru, Shino,m and Oro all verse Itachi? Itachi might be the loser, right? Think, Itcahi isn't much more powerful, Oro could still injure him pretty bad, maybe he'll be weak enough for Shikamaru to hold, and if not, Shino can let his bugs suck some chakra, now Shikamaru will have a good chance to get Itachi. P.S I hate Oro and Itachi.
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