Shinji Ikari vs Fei Fong Wong

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Ryuji Yamazaki

SOS Brigade
It appeared fairly quiet as the two sat on opposite sides of the small table, drinking tea and looking fairly tired. From what is unclear, but they sounded a bit annoyed too. One was a 14yr old boy with a bit of a weak frame, while the other was 18yrs old and looked like a genuine fighter. They were talking about something and neither seemed really excited about the conversation.

Shinji: Why...why would they put us here like this?

Fei: *sighs* For entertainment probably.

Shinji: That could be it. *he says, giving a sigh and looking nervous as usual*

Fei: I guess someone thinks it would be funny to see us fight. *he says, rapping his fingers against the table as he sipped at his tea*

Shinji: just sucks, doesn't it?

Fei: Yeah...but, might as well get it over with, right?

Shinji: You're right....I just don't like it...not at all.

Fei: Nothing we can do about that now. Let's just get it over with. I don't want to be stuck here debating about something we can't do anything about.

Shinji: I understand...*sigh* ok...let's get ready then.

And with that, both stood and left to prepare themselves for the inevitable fight. Whatever the case, be it outside forces desiring them to fight or people on the other side of the looking glass just wanting to see who'd actually win between the two, it didn't matter. Tomorrow they would awaken, ready for battle, and they would find out who is the strongest. It wasn't long before that time came and both arrived at the designated battlefield; the ruins of Tokyo city.

Unit-01 was raised to the surface, emerging from one of the remaining skyscrapers that acted as an elevator for the gigantic man-made angel. Though the power cord is attached to it, Shinji is capable of unleashing that full godlike power he demonstrated in the final stages of Evangeleon. There was almost no stopping him in that state. Stepping from the building, he turned upward to see his opponent descending from the atmosphere.

Through the sky he came, riding within a machine so very different from the Eva's. This appeared more like the Seraph Angels with six glowing wings. It was the Xenogears, the final evolution of Weltall after making contact with the Wave Existence. Its power is extraordinary and made only more frightening by the strength of the pilot himself, Fei, who also made contact with the Wave Existence, as was his destiny. Though smaller in size next to an Eva, it is not to be underestimated.

Now, these two forces will meet in battle, despite their own desires. One with power like unto a god, the other with the power to take on god himself. Shinji Ikari within Eva Unit-01 will face off against Fei Fong Wong within the Xenogears, once nicknamed "The Slayer of God". Both will fight with all they have, and only one will remain standing. Who will it be?​
Anyone that says Shinji wins this deserves to be banned.:amuse

Seriously, Fei Fong Wong kills off the annoying emo IMHO.
First Pain Napple...and now Hwoarang?
Who will start writing stories for their fight next?

Anyway, Fei wins.
In a bloody murderstomp.

While falling asleep, due to boredom.
First Pain Napple...and now Hwoarang?
Who will start writing stories for their fight next?

My story>>>>>>>Hwoarang's story

Xanxus' thread>>>>>>>Me

Fei take this. He easily is unruly powerful in his game being able to travel at amazing speeds, fight incredibly well, is incredibly strong, and has many abilities including being able to shoot lasers.
Fei Fong Wong wins pre-first appearence in Xenogears. Even lowly ningen such as yourselves can deduce what this Sesshoumaru implies.
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