She rocked so hard, the ceiling began to crumble!

Tomorrow King

Stand Alone
This black and white is far more than the black and white gradient set to colour or normal.

Yeah, had fun. The damn stock was too small, so I had to make the floor and wall myself, and Pentool in a some of the chords on the ground. Yeah, somewhat difficult. I like it though. ;D
I like the colored one, it looks really good I like the way you used the motion blur on the guitar it gave out a nice effect , the bg however looks dull and empty imo
Niiiiice! <333 I would have added some strong coloured element, though. Then it would be perfect for me :wtf
The theme of rocking so hard the ceiling crumbles :amuse The effects look really nice, but i think it's just a bit too small...
The right side is really empty and the stock weirdly blurry. try doing something about that.
Colored version is a lot better. Monotone just looks plain.

Despite the smallness of the render, it looks nice. :thumbs
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