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MCU She-Hulk (Disney+)

Sennin of Hardwork

The Greater Fool
Really did not expect it. But it's a very good choice given all the praise I've always heard from her work on the Orphan Black show.

Now they can really kickstart shooting next year, hopefully.



Tbh, never heard of her but it seems like she’s a talented actress. She also looks similar to the character so that’s a plus.

All I hope now is they don’t go for the horrible Hulk with tits incarnation she currently has in the comics.


Chief of Wisdom
Wait what?
She kinda took way too long to deny this though.
Maybe their negotiations just fell through. I can't think what could possibly make her not want to work with Mouse though. Many stars would kill to be part of MCU nowadays.
Hopefully it works out. She is really a great actress. She would make a wonderful She Hulk.

Sennin of Hardwork

The Greater Fool
Just the other day i was thinking about how Abomination was the first MCU baddie that didn't bite the dust back in Phase I. Nice to see he will be back.


Forum Ninja
“My info does not come from DanielRPK, although it has also been shared. It comes from the Telegram user who gives the most truthful information.
In addition, the director of She Hulk and Ritter are friends and have recently met for work.”

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