Old DCU Shazam! Fury of the Gods (March 17, 2023)

DCEU hasn't had a box office success since like 2018's Aquaman. The Batman and Joker hard carrying WB on their backs lol
Flop. Cancel this shit now Damaged Comics lol

Oh wait, they still have Blue Beetle and Fake Joker :hestonpls
I thought it was just another superhero movie. Fun enough, but kind of ordinary and forgettable -- a lot like "Black Adam" in that way, now that I think about it.
Love it. Maybe 7.5 or 8 out of 10. Many problems but overall enjoy my theater experience.


Tear up in the end, i know it might and mostlikely would be fake out, but still knowing Shazam 3 might never been made with this cast makes me sad so much. I cried lol. I am fine if he died there for real. And maybe it would be my head cannon change the ending, if Shazam 3 will not be green lighted

I meanbeven if it is green lighted, Now F Sandberg is busy with his own project for maybe 1-3 years at least, so we wont see Shazam 3 for at least 5 yrs lol
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Maybe a 6 out of 10. They try the same humor as in the first movie. But its neither as funny or fresh anymore and the story-line is very very simple. No real failures, but nothing really great. Its still entertaining overall, but probably targeted for younger audience, while all actors grew up :doublepopcorn
Funny thing is, F Sandberg now is rockstar (among the nerds and horror lover) and been marketed as such. Love it.
All time crash
Levi going to blame the rock some more?

Bitchass Cracka.
Everybody was on The Rock's dick when he brought back Cavil. People wanted him to take control and save DC. Now that Gunn is in charge, suddenly Rock is the bad guy again
This is very similar to Dark Phoenix where DC barely tried to advertise this

With the upcoming reboot of the DC Universe this movie story wise is basically irrelevant and was only released because it was already filmed I dare say but they probably didn't felt like wasting any more money on it.
Yeah. The energy the cast and crew had about this film gave very much "lets get this over with "
This whole Shazam shit is retarded anyway

Why would you introduce Shazam and make him useless and rely on some PWD friends to save the day???

How can you take Shazam seriously :hestonpls

Well I don’t, even if he has no “Shazamily” rofl it sounds so stupid btw
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