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This had to be done. After rereading/rewatching Shaman King, I realized that the characters have some of the coolest outfits I've ever seen. I have favorite articles of clothing from various anime (such as Kurama's tournament outfits, Sakura's Shippuden outfit, Kai's outfits, Yami Yugi's outfits, Seto Kaiba's outfits etc.), but usually I only like one or two characters'.

Which shonen anime/manga has clothes that are as stylish or even more stylish than Shaman King's duds?


With a doctor/scientist's coat, here we have Faust the necromancer. Just look at his pants. Slim to fit his legs but cuffed with thick metal rings that repel lightning. They also have knee pads. Not to mention his scarf and really high boots!

Next up is the style of The Ren. He dons Chinese clothing because of his ethnicity, and everyone knows that oriental clothes are one of the most fashionable things out there. Look at those colors: black and gold are so in. He has an open vest filled with crossing laces and even wrist bands with gold accents. His pants put floof to a whole new level, yet still they manage to look utterly badass with interlacing gold on the side and a nifty bow.

And who could forget Ren's sexy big sis, Jun? Her dress is very sophisticated and intricate, designed with a twisting dragon along it, yet there is a cute panda etched in the middle.

You probably can't see his shorts very well, but HoroHoro is a snowboarder. With style. Just take a look at his detailed coat with blue geometric shapes and lines. And his headband and pants.

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And here's Yoh. His first outfit is nice and casual, befitting his attitude; an open and loose shirt with folded green pants really match well. The second outfit, tailored by Anna, is really quite cool. He makes black and orange look good, more than another certain character. His pants are full of poof and they can hold some baggage. Oh, and you can't forget those headphones.

This is Anna. Her style is very plain and simple, but that short black dress, really long bead necklace, and really long red bandana/scarf makes "simple" look awesome.

This is Tamao, the cute girl of the group. Her style is also very plain, but look at her pants. They're the baggiest pants in history, yet they still complement her cute appeal.

Okay, I admit I'm not a big fan of Lyserg's checkered detective coat (but look at his groomed look; he has those tight black pants and collar shirt with a bow), but he looks professional in the X-Law uniform.

The Hanagumi! Out of the three, Marion (right) wins with best design of clothing. Ribbons, lace, and spiky skirts!

Lovely Iron Maiden Jeanne. First is her pretty, lacy, maiden outfit. Then there is her battle outfit. Her sense of style is weird but very chic in a... bizarre way. She has a bonnet, a bathing suit, blocks for gloves, a chastity belt, a lock on her abdomen, and woah. She just won the category for best shoes. There are huge rings and spikes around her feet! They say her wardrobe is meant to symbolize self-torture, and I can see why. Wearing that must hurt. Then again, as long as it looks great...!

And finally, what fashion is all about: Hao Asakura. Sure, he's naked up top, but he more than makes up for it at the bottom. His thick cloak is cool, but the REAL kicker is his PANTS. His godly PANTS. His huge earring accessories, lego shoes, and lego gloves are just a bonus. It's the PANTS.


So... Any contenders that can compete? :LOS
It's most definitely not Naruto. It looks like very hidden village goes to the same clothing store right now...

I find myself liking the clothing in One Piece(It's hard to hate on change of clothes the Strawhats have from time to time while the variety of clothing in general is pretty sweet), JoJo(Part 5 to be specific when it comes to the Golden Wind crew and the Assassins crew), and Hunter X Hunter (Ryodan members like Kuroro Lucifer, Hisoka, Netero's "battle suit," Gon and Killua, Morau and other beast hunters, Reiza, etc.) more.
But the pants. Show me some pics where pants are on par with Ren, Faust, and Hao's. And shoes. Show me some pics were shoes are on par with Jeanne's. :pek Only from shonen anime/manga though, because there's too many in all series.
But the pants. Show me some pics where pants are on par with Ren, Faust, and Hao's. And shoes. Show me some pics were shoes are on par with Jeanne's. :pek Only from shonen anime/manga though, because there's too many in all series.

Some of your links aren't working; such as the ones for Ren. I'm not really impressed by cowboy pants and clunky looking metal footwear with spikes on it. I prefer a more modern and "practical" form of fashion. I'll post some pics later since it's going to take some time and energy to gather pics from three different series.
Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, Katekyou Hitman Reborn, Bleach. Love the fashion in them.

One Piece and Hunter x Hunter has alright fashion sometimes.

Naruto is terrible. I don't like the Shaman King fashion either. ;\
Bleach: Kubo said he might try to design cloth some day(he has made alot out of the fashion, though the Shinigami Uniform is limiting it a bit)

D.Gray: Pretty good, some nice uniforms and Mikk got style

Naruto: Kage outfit and... Kage outfit...

D-Note: Pretty close to reality.

Trinity Blood: Nice Uniforms there aswell
I'm not really a fan of the cliche anime uniform with over starched jackets and pants. The manga that keep their characters clothing realistic, as in, something I could walk down the street in without looking like I've been on LSD, are my choices. JJBA, HxH, a surprising amount of OP characters considering the setting, and what Bleach characters wear in the cover pages. Shit like Shaman King, Yugi, Naruto, and the like are just too far out there and corny.

I forgot about The Big O.

The Big O's Swag level > Shaman King

This is true.
It's not "shit"; it comes to a matter of taste concerning artistic style no matter how exaggerated it seems. Modern and "normal" clothing look great no doubt, but in fictional worlds there's nothing wrong with gaudy extravagance. No duh they'd look bizarre out on the streets, but it's the concept and design that catch somes' attention.
Note HxH and JJBA which keep the clothing relatively normal and still create interesting and eye-catching characters.
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