Semi-realistic Aizen


Giggity giggity
This is the first time I submit fanwork in this section, tell me what you think :)
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i know the nose is way off, that was a pain :/
That is a really nice sketch. I love how you did his hair, glasses and the one eye showing through. Very nice. Really, it's just the nose you could improve on and you already knew that.
Looks pretty nice, though yeah the nose is on both the long and thin side.

On an unrelated note, what's the source of your Grimmy sig and ava? The art is incredible.
You have done a good job on the eye and I like the facial expression. Yeah, well the nose is incompatible with the face and I don't like the hair.

I like your creation, though. Keep it up!
I agree with Guschinger that the hair needs work too, but I think you got his eyes and mouth down well. Pretty good!
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