SasuSaku: All I want is you, Will You be my Bride?


"...Will You Be My Bride?
Take me by the hand,
And stay by my side :)"

Further Experimentations, and I love Juno. I can't stop listening to its soundtrack, the inspiration for this very OOC Sasuke Sakura picture. Expect OOC! I'm trying to refine this new drawing style. Here's to hoping :)
PS: Please ignore Sasuke's emaciated arm.

SasuSaku scene missing from Konoha-Gakuen-Special-SasuSaku-hehehe kidding but please check it out

thanks guys :)
Oh wow that's absolutely gorgeous! It has a "One Piece" feel to it. You should post this in the SasuSaku FC!
I can picture Sakura with that smile but not with those clothes, so that's OOC I guess. Sasuke amazes and scares me at the same time... :twitch
Looks great! The background sun and sky are really well done and the way you have all of those cherry blossoms riding in the wind all around them is a beautiful sight :amuse It seems you've given them very interesting clothing XD
This is a really nice drawing, the background was beautifully done. I like the way that you've made the clouds-that light touch of gray on a sunny day really does look good. The clothes that you have given Sakura and Sasuke are original and well drawn. Having the cherry blossoms fall from the sky combined with the lighting effects from the sun were also well done.
Rather OOC, almost like Sakura developed Naruto's cockiness.

Love the little Uchiha fan on Sasuke's shirt.
hey nightmistress, i did try to do that on your advice :) hope it comes in handy! Tek, thanks for the noticing the little details! yeah, they're really OOC :) Raiden, thanks again for your in depth critique, you always spend time on 'em! And thanks so much to everyone for viewing and commenting! :)
Ahh, so very sweet. :3 I love that softly painted background with the dreamily drawn tree which still manages to retain the bumps and grains of wood. The darker blue-gray of the sky coupled with the lighter peach of the sky and floating lights skirting around Sasuke and Sakura look beautiful. The easy clothing they are wearing looks sweet on them. Sakura's little pink sandals amuse me. And yay for your precious little details like the Uchiha clan symbol and the little red bear dangling from Sakura's waist. And lastly, the expression, the happy blushes, Sakura looking so very confident. It is a nice change, to see her lead for once.
Yakushi, once again, I bow to your wonderful talent of finding the details and eloquently noting them! I look forward to your comments, which are always constructive! omg, Tea- you flatter me, I love how you made the icon!!! It's so surreal! Thank you so much, I'm so glad you liked it that much! KakashUchiha, thank you! I'm still practicing with BGs, and I'm glad it's working a bit better than it was <3!
Love the drawing and the colors - very ooc but wonderful daydream like affect. Very nice piece.
thanks once again for all the views and comments :)! Thanks Belle <3 One piece? I can actually see that now, but I don't watch the show- interesting observation, ferreal
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