Sasuke will win his battle ...


Believe in Boruto supremacy !
But not alone, the whole purpose of Naruto is to save Sasuke. If Sasuke can win alone, Naruto's quest is fail. If Sasuke can't win or can't supress Orochimaru anymore, then Naruto's quest got a true meaning.

I Think Naruto and Sakura ( possibly Kakashi, but not sure ) will show up anytime soon to help Sasuke.

Sasuke can't pull off another "That jutsu" out of his ass anymore.
naruto and sakura are currently more concerned with madera

sasuke will most likely just have his eyes pluked out or something
i dont think any of Konoha will be the one that would save Sasuke.

If anyone that gotta save Sasuke it would be one of Akatsuki member. It could possibly be Pein or Madara. But i have a strong feeling that Madara would be the one.

No one knows how to handle susanoo except Madara.

Remember Madara ordered Pein to capture Naruto? Thats what going to happen in the upcoming chapters, Madara will let Pein handle Konoha team and Madara himself will take care of Itachi to save Sasuke.

I have a strong feeling that Itachi is not the only that wants Sasuke's eyes, but Madara aswell. 2 EMS > 1

my 1 cent.
Though wouldn't it be possible, and rather likely, for Sasuke to resent those that would help him in this battle? I assume this due to his actions in their previous encounter, where interference was denounced.
lol people actually thought he was going to win aganist itachi when he had a hard time with deidara sure he still had kirin but still he got given a run for hi money and without even training some more he just went to seek out itachi, thats real smart of sasuke, he really was thinking that there was no way itachi was going to survive kirin

but kishi and PNJ on sasuke will never know what's gonna happen :zaru
If he doesn't do it alone than everything we have been witnessing would be an utter waste of time... everything we seen was b/c Sasuke wanted his revenge, so now he has all the strength and is being over hyped to death and still can't accomplish his goal.
i think naruto still has some of his kage bunshin roaming around and one of them is going to stumble apon the fight and is going to save sauske at the last minute. then its going to get hit by itachi and poof which will trigger the real naruto and he will ditch his group and leave tobi to them and start rushing towards sauske.

yup, thats how its going to happen.
naruto and sakura wont show up if you have forgotten they are fighting tobi/mandara

he will go it alone and hopefully win (doesnt look that way at the minute), i just want the fight to get to a conclusion, its dragging on now.
naruto's quest will come with madara getting sasuke, when sasuke really needs help, now sasuke will think that naruto just is in this path and blame the lack of power and hate :/
I think Sasuke will win- but he won't kill Itachi. Itachi will kill himself. He's blind so if he tries to stumble towards Sasuke he will just fall off a cliff. Lol Itachi.
I agree, If Sasuke is going to win this fight its going to be with some help. Now if he loses this fight im pretty sure he's going to get stronger then defeat him later on down the line.
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