Sasuke will get Mangekyou for killing Itachi


I have a feeling the next few chapters will go into a flashback on what really happened on the night of the Uchiha clan massacre. Maybe it will go into a Madara/Itachi fight.

It'd give the audience a clue on how bad Madara is as the top villain.

Plus, Sasuke has devoted his whole life into killing Itachi. If Itachi is really dead, his goal is diminished. But if Itachi did all this to make Sasuke stronger out of brotherly love, then Sasuke's life as an avenger continues.
if sasuke gets mengekyou, im gonna be pissed. technicly, itachi fell dead. though sasuke did injure and drain the stamina, itachi used what was left to fight sasuke. so itachi killed him self metaphoricly speaking :edu
I dont think he will get it, its a waste, he does not want anything to do with his brother anymore. Having his brothers eyes would kill the point of Sasuke wanting him dead.
Sasuke only has two options for his future

Sasuke-kun is getting raped by snakes in front of the one and only OROCHIMARU!

If Itachi really does die from Sasuke and he gets the MS i'm going to be pissed as well... If Sasuke gets the MS then he'll probably use it since he's obtained it and will eventually be on his way to become blind like Itachi.
That would be interesting to I hope it does happen really wanna see the massacre thorugh Itachi's eyes.
Sasuke...the main....VILLAIN? Uhhhh, no I don't think so. The main arc, sure.
I hope he doesn't get MS. He did lose Oro and CS though....Let's hope he doesn't need to replace them.
I personally feel that he will achieve the Mangekyou but through Kakashi's guidance at a much later date.
It would be an inconsistency in the manga if Sasuke obtained the Mangekou Sharingan. Sasuke has said in the past that he wants to walk his own path, not Itachi's and didn't kill Naruto at the Valley of the End for this reason other than he couldn't break bonds with Naruto yet. Itachi believes that perfecting the Sharingan is the best way to go, and Sasuke knows this so I doubt he would persue the technique.
I think Itachi's done for. :(

Although I don't think Sasuke will get the Mangekyou Sharigan because, as Itachi's need for new eyes demonstrates, it hurts the user. And since there is no one for Sasuke to steal new eyes from, it would probably be a bad thing for him to get it. And since Sasuke is Kishi's favorite character, it's unlikely he'll gain something that will make him go blind one day.

Still, I would love for the whole 'see what really happen from Itachi's POV the night of the massacre' to happen. :)
um pretty sure he has to kill his best friend to get MS

but for EMS he needs to take the eyes of his brother. :LOS
Sasuke cannot and will not get the Mangekyou Sharingan. Why would he want to gain a power that killed his bigger brother and brought him to the darkness.
If Sasuke gets MS right now he'll get EMS. Sibling MS + Sibling MS = EMS.

It's already been foreshadowed. Hopefully it happens sooner than later.
I've thought about this idea before, but I'm really hoping it's not the case. Mainly because Sasuke doesn't need it and it's been set up as completely evil ever since it was introduced. There's also that Sasuke would go blind eventually unless for some reason blind Itachi eyes are magically healed once their popped in a new pair of Uchiha eye sockets :(
Sasuke's MS might be limited for now, but woohoo.

I can't believe it was three years ago when I wrote this theory about Itachi and Sasuke.
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