Sasuke can't get EMS


Think about it logically, if Sasuke could get EMS from Itachi's (blind) eyes, why the hell didn't Madara just swap eyes with his brother, instead of stealing said eyes and killing him (something he seemed to regret doing)?
itachi said "we are each other's spares!"

madara's brother found one inextinguible light in his new host

anything can happen, we need to wait, madara seens like is expecting sasuke's eye to get any kind of power in this battle

and i doubt madara doesnt know that itachi was going blind
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That sharingan demon spirit( or whatever the fuck it was) had 4 eye slots.

So you can't swap, you need two sets of eyes.
While I agree with Sasuke, I do not quite see your reasoning. If Sasuke cannot obtain the "eternal" Mangekyō Sharingan through Itachi, then what effects does it have on sharing each others eyes based on the way in which it is done?
The power is not in the eyes, it's in the act of taking them and leaving a blind/murdered brother.

You can't swapsy. It won't work.

But since Itachi has died due to Sasuke's actions he can almost certainly take his eyes if he wants.

Once they're in Sasuke's head they'll regenerate, grant him MS powers and give him the power of the EMS.
if sasuke actually gets itachi's eyes, and itachi actually said "my eyes" and "get them"

if we get one fight between madara x naruto and sasuke, will be awesome

i mean, yondaime sealed the kyuubi in naruto for one reason, and probably the key thing is prepared, and related to defeat madara and akatsuki

itachi actually wanting to defeat madara...

that would be like, sasuke+itachi+naruto+yondaime x madara

would be like the ultimate vengeance, and ironically, one uchiha+hokage/future hokage union
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