Sasuke and Naruto panel/Pein cover

Decent job, though the first seems a little too plain on the color side. The shading on his face and hair give the separate parts a strange look, as if the shading you used and base color were merged. Though the text is rather interesting.

The second one is more preferable, yet I did not like the fact that his hair was almost exactly the same as the surrounding sky. It gives the coloring a shallow feel. The shading you did on this face seems blotchy as well. Keep practicing though, you'll get the hang of it in no time.
They look alright. I think you used a bit too much shading on the Naruto and Sasuke colorings that it looks like Sasuke has a mustache. Colors could have been chosen to be a bit brighter. In the Pein panel i think you should have colored his hair instead of smudging orange and yellow from the sky onto his head.
Those aren't too bad, but I think you need to practice on shading and hair, as both look a bit sloppy.
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