Sakura and Ino Vs Tsunade (Please read)

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Phoenix Ninja
Ino has Telekinetic and Telepathic Abilities
Sakura can use Katons and have massive Chakra

Tsunade can't use Slug Summons but can use Genesis of Rebirth

who wins...
This pits two ninja we've never seen against one we have. There's no way to tell how this fight would go, but I can see Ino crushing Tsunade's heart with her mind.
lol at Ino's power-ups.:rotfl

tough call, I think.
goes either way.
but I think Tsunade has lil' more chance than Ino and Sakura to win this.
I believe Sakura and Ino wins. With Telekenesis, Ino can trap Tsunade in one or use her telepathy to give Tsunade genjutsu, herby trapping her. Now that Sakura has the chance, she can just give big massive Katons to Tsunade until she is dead.
These power-ups mean that the left-hand side of this battle are complete unknowns. The powers granted to Ino are pointless, because they are not explained. Your battle only means anything to you, because only you have an idea of what the hell this Ino and Sakura are like. Closing.
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