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Rukia runs the Ichigo Gauntlet


  • SS Arc Ichigo (No White interference)

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  • Arrancar Arc Hollowfied Ichigo (Grimmjow Fight)

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  • FKT Ichigo

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Adamant soul

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Definitely beats up to Fullbring Shikai, MAYBE Fullbring Bankai pre-Quincy powers but definitely not after they were awakened.

And EoS Ichigo swings his sword in her general direction.


This text is part of Aizen's plan
No diffs SS Arc Ichigo.
Low diffs Grimmjow fight Ichigo (takes note of waifu powerup tho)
Mid diffs FKT and FB Shikai Ichigo
High diffs FB Bankai Ichigo (pre-Quincy awakening)

Changes the strategy for RG Shikai and decides to woo Orihime to her side and away from Ichigo. Sure she loses the fight but wins his girlfriend, who's the real winner here. If anyone can do it, it's Kuchiki Rukia.
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