Rock Lee's Stalker

Title: Rock Lee's Stalker

By: Me

About: Lily Ruby is in love with Rock Lee but he is oblivious. Things become complicated when Lily finds out who Rock Lee is in love with. Also Neji seems to have a problem with Lily... Kumeru wants her to train him...

While she deals with romance, rival and child problems she also has to deal with her dark past. All Lily wants is to be with Rock Lee.

Couples: None really... Not yet. I don't think my OC character having a obessive crush on Lee counts.

Rated: Teen - Mature

Link: Lee's Stalker
dun dun dun... lee... YOU HAVE A STALKER!!!! cool. go lee, you have a girl friend! if he ever goes to her. gez. eyes on sakura during chunin exams! 'please let me be your boyfriend!" odd. but what are you going to do, he spends all day training with a guy who has never had a girl and has no idea how to ask a girl out properly... it's sort of cute!
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