RIP tsunade


Now that the Uchiha fight is over and we will proceed with the story, I think it wont be long before Tsunde kicks the bucket. All Sannin have to die, and Jiraiya already died, I think she might want to get revenge and die, or another way could be Danzou, Madara, Kabuto. Her death was foreshadow when she was talking about Kakashi & Naruto replacing her & stuff and Kishi say Sakura has to grow up
Yes, she's going to die somepoint this year & Kakashi will become the new hokage.
kishimoto did said that sakura had to grow along with naruto and shikamaru.
Not a good sign for tsunade fans.

But also it appears that root will the focus in a future arc. Jiraiya warning of tsunade foreshadows that.
i dont think it will happen anytime soon. besides, all the current fights need to be finished, and thats gonna take a while. she might get into a fight soon after all jiraiyas secrets are revealed about naruto and pein and stuff.
I consider it unavoidable that her death will occur, I simply hope that it will not be without reason. She has the potential to display a great number of jutsu and become quite the interesting character. Though at the moment there are too many fights occurring simultaneously for it to happen within the next 10-15 chapters.
Yeah she's going to die soon, but first Sakura has to be trained by her and taught the ultimate secret of something.
Yes, she's going to die somepoint this year & Kakashi will become the new hokage.

Hell yeah!! Kakashi... its... Hokage Time! However, I am a big fan of Tsunade!!
So I don't really want her to die!!

I feel that she will die against a memeber of a Akatsuki!!.....oh well!!

Anko to be the next badass female shinobi!!.............MASSIVE CHEER
Tsunade will die because like I said many times, Sakura has to "grow up". In order to grow up in the manga, one's sensi must die (that's why Kishimoto considers Shikamaru grown up). Tsunade has taught Sakura every technique she uses know and even has rubbed off on her. No doubt that Sakura will mature after having to deal with this loss.

But it won't happen know. This should take place around the time of Kakashi's development since he is most fit for the title right now. Tsunade even said in her last conversation with Jiraiya.
Kishimoto basically confirmed this when he said sakura had to grow up ... cuz you know the only way to mature is to have someone close to you die a horrible death :pek
There's a good chance that Tsunade will end up dying in the manga. I wonder if Creator would still read the manga if that happend.
I still say Tsunade won't die anytime soon. Not until Naruto is ready to take over atleast. I just don't think Kakashi will ever be Hokage.
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