Rin (manga spoilers)

Kakashi gaiden arc..?

We don't really know what happend to Rin
actually. Kakashi said she took off, so
that could be anything basicly..
Her current status is unknown, as Kakashi said everyone close to him was dead, but we don't know anything further than that. Maybe Kishi will elaborate on her later.
As anime watchers may not want to be spoiled with Kakashi Gaiden it should probably be better in spoiler tags:

Spoiler: Kakashi Gaiden
Kakashi states here:
Chapter 177 Page 05
That all those close to him are dead. I'm pretty sure that a teammate would statisfy the requirements of being 'close' to Kakashi. Therefore it is implied she has died.
Recycling as the OP's question has been answered as fully as is possible with the present information found in the manga.
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