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Rate the Last Movie You Saw Thread: Rock Bottom, Redux - - - - - Part 47


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Marvel is sometimes where really good actors go to slack off. I've already forgotten how talented jeremy renner is.

Downy jr and chris evans and chris hemsworth and some others make it work, but others get lost in the shuffle.

Van Basten

Black Lives Matter
Mobile Suit Gundam Hathaway


A different kind of Gundam movie. There was much less action than I expected, which was nice.

The animation and music was great as expected.

I did not like the new Gundam designs at all.

I guess there is gonna be a sequel.

I will probably rewatch it subbed one of these days.

Black Widow is a C+

Florence Pugh is a better actress than Scarlett too btw.
You say that like it isn’t obvious.


still newbie
Rurouni Kenshin 2012
overall it is 7/10 lul (decent)

i know adapting manga/series is hard, you have to sacrifice much of the story element.
and yeah i dont like many part they change.

what i appreciate is the fight scene. i love anime version.and being live action means you have limitation being in real world, but yeah as far as real action movie action scene this is top knotch.

the set also great, that Sanosuke vs Kenshin in the city really great set.


Shiftless Loser
Incredibles 2 (2018)
I finally saw this despite my concerns about recent Pixar sequels and honestly, while not up there with the first film, it's still pretty decent overall.

The script falls into the trap of negating the happy ending of its prequel and then repeating elements of the first movie's story with some details changed. In addition, the flawed but well-meaning Bob Parr/Mr. Incredible (Craig T. Nelson) has his shortcomings emphasized and maybe a tad exaggerated to the point where he feels a lot more bumbling for comedic and plot purposes. Furthermore, the villain is less compelling than Syndrome (Jason Lee), and their motivation, spoiler alert, is pretty stupid given that they're just lashing out at superheroes for the complacency they instill in others (because other authorities don't possibly do the same) while ignoring the fact that the person they're 'avenging' simply was too stupid to simply install a phone in a panic room.

Still, there are some fun set pieces, with a violent battle/chase in a crowded and dingy apartment standing out rather nicely.

It's an entertaining sequel, just don't expect something incredible.


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RK: Tokyo Inferno 7/10
cool action scene as always
but butchered story/character
Yahiko, Sanosuke, Aoshi's men and Aoshi's story got butchered XD


still newbie
RK : The Legend end 7/10
yes good action as always
nice production value (prop, set etc)
I dont like the story, they keep butchering my favorite characters.
Anji, Seta, Yumi, Shisio
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