Rate the Hueco Mundo arc

Rate Hueco Mundo arc

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Blood Raven

As it appears Aizen is surprisingly gonna invide Karakura town, I would say this is the end of the Hueco Mundo arc. Now's the time for you to rate and tell your oppinions about it. What you liked, disliked, etc.

From when Ichigo and company entered Hueco Mundo, to where Aizen announced the invasion. I will say my oppinions later.
Alot of this arc seemed pointless with no direction.The only thing that saved it for me was some of the fights. 7/10 slightly above average
Worst arc ever/10.

I'm so glad this pile of crap is over, honestly.

I really wante d break before MORE fights but it doesn't look that way, the apcing is completely gone to crap and it looks like this arc might just be ludicrous 40 chapter fights AGAIN. I really hope not.
I thought the Ichigo vs Grimmjow fight was one of the best in the manga, Kenpachi's fight was pretty good too. I didn't like the Szayel fight too much, but it wasn't completely bad. The latest chapter was really good too.

I would give this arc a 7 out of 10. Would be a little higher if there was 1 or 2 less fights and a little more story.
Arc was fairly decent from the start then got awesome for a little when Ulq fought Ichigo.

It went downhill though in the middle of Ichi vs Grimm fight and from there on until the captains arrived the arc was at its worst.

After that we had 1 fight that started out good but ended mediocre, and then followed bye 2 awesome fights and a epic finale.

Since the arc was awful in between Ichi vs Grimm and the captains arrival and in general a few fights were way to dragged out i cant give this arc more than a 7/10.

Though i would have lowered the score to 6/10 if the captains hadnt came in making the arc going a notch up.

Btw i think its kinda silly that some people means that this is the worst arc ever because of so much fighting and little to no plot.

Bleach has never really been much about a strong plot, even in SS there was alot of fighting and quite frankly its the characters and fighting that makes Bleach how it is imo.
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Worst arc ever. Instead of being focused on saving Orihime, the arc seemed more and more like an excuse for characters to go to Hueco Mundo to have long, pointless fights... and then Aizen announces that, indeed, that was the whole point of the arc.
I give this arc a 4, assuming rating of 5 is average.

The idea itself appeared to be a retelling of the SS arc. The arc had its highs and lows, of course; but there just weren?t that many highs to make it feel worthwhile. The plot seemed to be missing for the most part which was a real shame for so many chapters. Without Plot, the arc kind of seemed to wander blindly like a child in the dark.

I suppose the best thing that happened was the Ichigo vs. Grimmjow fight and the events that immediately preceded it with Grimmjow knocking the snot out of Moly and Loly. I honestly thought this was one of the best fights in the manga. At least it was when Kubo wasn?t cutting away to show Nel and Orihime rah rah Ichigo from the sideline. Also, I just about jized myself when Kenpachi showed up. I kid you not; I could?ve died right then and died as a happy man. Seeing Chad wtfpwn that former Espada with the afro was most excellent also. In fact, all the former Espada members I saw were pretty cool. Oh, Stark owning the arc (coincidence Stark and arc rhyme, I think not) kicked major ass, too.

The lows were there. Oh, yes they were. Even though none may have been too important to the overall success of the story, they still left me wanting. For example, why did Ichigo cross into Hueco Mundo? To save Orihime To fight To get caged like a dumb animal relying purely on instinct. Really, 70+ chapters just for that? Kubo certainly knows how to make me sad in the pants. Noitra?s rather dismal demise was a major disappointment. I can?t believe a character like Noitra with such an ass-kickin? design had such a weak end. Halibel for some inexplicable reason showed up at the Grimmjow vs. Ichigo fight and then did absolutely nothing at all. She could?ve at least done some jumping up and down for us. Also, there was just too little Stark. Seriously, we had like half-a-dozen panels of the greatest character ever. Why art thou making us endure chaste ala Stark, Kubo?

All in all, I don?t regret reading the Hueco Mundo arc, but I know Kubo could have been done better with it. Well, knowing Kubo, maybe not. Good or bad, it?s now over. Hopefully we can now get back to a story with a little more than just innumerable hack and slash fights. I hold out hope for the Aizen Kicks SS in the Groin arc.
Worst arc ever. Instead of being focused on saving Orihime, the arc seemed more and more like an excuse for characters to go to Hueco Mundo to have long, pointless fights... and then Aizen announces that, indeed, that was the whole point of the arc.

That's why I gave it 8, because the whole arc was there for lulz and fights. Plus Mayuri owning Szayel in 3 chapters and Kenapchi vs Noitora fight and finally Stark owning arc in 3 panels :nuts

What's there not to like (except for lack of Yammy)? :LOS
Waste of fucking time. Took too fucking long for something we knew from the first chapter to be a futile exercise. And too much time was spent on that fucker Szayel and Ishida and Renji all of whom no one could give a shit about. The only slightly cool bit was Chad's power evolving to be more hollowesque and of course he got owned.
Meh, I gave it a 3. Pretty below average, mostly because as others have stated, it all felt like a waste of time...and then was confirmed as such.

Ulquiorra vs. Ichigo, albeit brief, was an amazing fucking encounter.
Ichigo vs. Grimmjow was actually...pretty average, which is dissapointing because I love Grimmjow. I'm bit of a Zaraki tard so of course his fight with Noitora made me quite happy. I actually liked Szayel but that shit went on too long. Stark seems very promsing :LOS

Basically a lot of okay/great/horrible things that in the end didn't amount to much, really.
Hueco Mundo arc sucked. But looks like the next arc will be similar... no plot, just fight after fight
Well gotta say we've seen quite ALOT of these few hours/days
Likely less the 3 hours have passed from the Grimm vs Ulq battle till Aizen invades Karakura.
THat is redicolously much happening in a short while. But thx to it beeing weekly it FELT like AGES.
I thought some of the character developments and fights between the arrancar and captains were nice,but alot of it was pretty bad.

But heck,I give it a 7/10.
Too bad we couldnt see Unohana do anything.
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