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a perfect piece of ass
I see these threads in Konoha telegrams a lot

so I thought as bleach seems to be back on track somewhat we could rate the chapter :O

so yeah, rate it how you saw it.
I think personally I probably give it an 8? Good chapter and interesting with a nice surprise at the end, but perhaps slightly long winded in Aizens dialogue. Not that I'd really complain about it, dialogue tends to equate to plot xD
Aizen ownage, a full spread of shinigami captains and lieutenants complete with Matsumoto's lovely chest, and a Byakuya sighting?

All in one chapter?

what do you expect everyone to do, for the last however many chapters we've sat through grimmjaw, szayel and noitora.

Finally we get to see a real villain and he looks like he's being villainous! The entire HM arc would have kicked ass if we'd got some real Aizen moments, as it was we effectively saw fights against fodder :/
Ten :yell

Echoing Annie's thoughts at BA, yeah I love this chapter. :occa :occa

It's even inspiring a new name change. ^^ :wtf

Edit: Yo senorita, echoing that the poll should have been public, it's not that hard dudette. :notrust
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5/10 for mediocrity.
An improvement, I should say. :quite

I disagree with your judgment but I can't be offended because your sig and avy are just awesome. :wtf

Graham Acre is an awesome character who puts his heart and soul in everything, I really love that type of character. His battle against Johann "hot pants" was complete win. :wtf
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