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Rasa vs Old Hiruzen

Hina uzumaki

Well-Known Member
Location:- Gaara vs Edo kages
Knowledge:- Manga
Mindset:- Ic with killing intent
Distance:- 20 metres
Restriction:- None

Aegon Targaryen

The Shield That Guards The Realm of Men
Hiruzen has actual speed feats (and no, I don't mean reacting to Juubito moving at unspecified speeds but really getting torn apart).

He stomps, by feats. He fuses with Enma to tank anything Rasa can send at him and uses elemental blasts to cut Rasa in half.


The Chosen
Rasa’s Gold Dust isn’t going to withstand Hiruzen’s elemental combination attacks, so he’s going to get overwhelmed. Hiruzen wins, moderate difficulty at most.


Well-Known Member
Hiruzen and avoid Rasa's attacks for a while especially with Doton until he brings out some clones and overwhelm Rasa with his elemental jutsu
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