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Only ones I can rank are:
1. Sloth - I just don't care. Others call it lazy.
2. Lust - I get horny like everyone else
3. Wrath - Nothing really phases me. Only thing that makes my blood boil are pitbull owners that think it's cute to have a ticking time bomb around their family.

Envy - I don't envy others
Gluttony - I don't eat a lot. I have a light lunch then force myself to cook dinner everyday just to eat multiple meals a day like a normal person
Pride - I don't really know the definition of pride. Idk if it's being proud of yourself or self esteem. If it's the latter, I only have high self esteem because I don't care about much in general, let alone what others think.
Greed - I'm a minimalist. Hopefully I can just be a farmer in a hot country sometime in my 40s


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Nothing in my life came easy for me given that I came from a poor family.

So everything that I have is hard earned.

I think that is probably why I think I maybe bit prideful?

I don't like it when someone belittles me. Not even my boss. I can't just ignore when somebody looks down on me.

They say when you work in corporate, you have to get used to managers treating you like a servant. I don't think I would ever get used to that.

My "pride" won't allow me to. Maybe I guess I should work on it.
Mine's not even on the "official" chart :harley

Acedia (; also accidie or accedie , from acēdia, and this from ἀκηδία, "negligence", ἀ- "lack of" -κηδία "care") has been variously defined as a state of listlessness or torpor, of not caring or not being concerned with one's position or condition in the world. In ancient Greece akidía literally meant an inert state without pain or care. Early Christian monks used the term to define a spiritual state of listlessness and from there the term developed a markedly Christian moral tone. In modern times it has been taken up by literary figures and connected to .
Acedia is indicated by a range of signs. These signs (or symptoms) are typically divided into two basic categories: somatic and psychological. Acedia frequently presents signs somatically. Such bodily symptoms range from mere sleepiness to general sickness or debility, along with a host of more specific symptoms: weakness in the knees, pain in the limbs, and fever.[] An anecdote attributed to the also connects somatic pain and illness with the onset of acedia. A host of psychological symptoms can also signify the presence of acedia, which affects the mental state and behavior of the afflicted. Some commonly reported psychological signs revolve around a lack of attention to daily tasks and an overall dissatisfaction with life. The best-known of the psychological signs of acedia is tedium, boredom or general laziness. Author in her book Acedia and Me asserts that dictionary definitions such as torpor and sloth fail to do justice to this temptation; she believes a state of restlessness, of not living in the present and seeing the future as overwhelming is more accurate a definition than straight laziness: it is especially present in monasteries, due to the cutting off of distractions, but can invade any vocation where the labor is long, the rewards slow to appear, such as scientific research, long term marriages, etc.
Another sign is a lack of caring, of being unfeeling about things, whether that be your appearance, hygiene, your relationships, your community's welfare, the world's welfare etc.; all of this, Norris relates, is connected to the hopelessness and vague unease that arises from having too many choices, lacking true commitment, of being "a slave from within". She relates this to forgetfulness about "the one thing needful": remembrance of God.

Ouch :derpko

From early childhood my idea of eternal happiness was being able to watch the world from outside... just observe. As if actual physical existence is nowhere near as gratifying as being nothing but a mind free to witness everything. And I'm not trying to sound interesting or unique or what have you, I really had this issue of feeling disconnected from this world and in a way it preserved me as a child when I was going through hell both physically and emotionally but it also severed a lot of connection with life that give people joy and pleasure. I see and appreciate the little things in life, yes, but always feel there's some meaning missing there...


Sloth took over my life a long time ago. I can't really differ if it is laziness or depression at times, but I prefer to think it is just laziness. It probably is, really.

I don't get engaged in arguing around here cause I could care less about that over Internet, and I don't feel like wasting energy on this irl too, but I have serious anger management issues irl. Like really snapping and almost going physical. Although I can control myself mostly, so Wrath gets the second place.

Third place would be between Lust and Gluttony. I mean they aren't just straight-forward too much fucking and too much eating sins, but if we talk superficially... yeah, I don't like to refuse myself in food when I want it. Aaaaand I do other kinds of mistakes which then have puppy eyes or which just fail and then I need to persuade myself to feel about it while I actually don't.

The rest aren't really about me. I am not prideful, I could care so much less about how others feel about my position (anywhere). I am not greedy, if anything, I let go easily. I share, especially when it really is needed. I don't envy people, I can get what I want and what I need myself, and if I can't... welp. It's good someone worked more and got better things for that. If someone didn't do shit and just fucked others over for their own gain, I don't get envious of that, I get mad it happened.

Atlantic Storm

1. Pride: I naturally have a pretty big ego, and although it's mellowed over the years, it's probably my most significant 'sin' in terms of how it colours my perception and opinion of things.
2. Greed: I like nice things. Greed and pride are probably my biggest motivators, followed very closely by...
3. Gluttony: I have a bit of a hedonistic streak. I've calmed down over the years, but there are still certain things (partying and drinking) I don't do in moderation. I'm fine when it comes to food, though.
4. Sloth: Naturally quite a lazy person with a strong propensity to procrastinate. Some of my sloth might be tied to pride, though.
5. Lust: I think I have a regular amount of lust; I like sex and stuff, but it's never made me make any especially bad decisions.
6. Envy: Think it's pretty normal for everyone to get jealous from time to time. For me, this comes out with FOMO - like when people are travelling or somewhere cool while I'm at home or something.
7. Wrath: I'm pretty chill.


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My pride is probably what will get me killed or start my heel turn.

Wrath and lust are middling seconds though.

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Lust - I'm quite horny, except in depressive phases. If I had the money, I'd buy myself a huge-ass mansion and hire people to edit Youtube videos, put me on TV just to market myself as a loaded male with a high social standing/social media presence.

Wrath - I don't act out on it usually, but I hold a grudge and if I think I can get away with it, I'm not above tormenting people to satisfy my temper. I'm a vitriol spouting machine too.

Pride - I like to avoid bragging when I think it serves in preserving my image but I'm quite proud and stubborn when I feel like it, and defeating people at their own game gives me a Hisoka-esque high. I was an egotistical motherfucker as a kid too.

Sloth - I'm quite lazy. Unless I think procrastinating too much on a project isn't worth it, I'd much rather just lie down on a couch and pet my dog, smoke weed away.

Greed/Gluttony - I like material possessions but the obsession I used to have over not letting ppl touch my stuff has largely died down since I know they're objectively just worth their retail price or less. I love eating, if I had a better metabolism I'd eat my days away. But I can resist it.

Envy - Impossible not to have this.
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Golden Order
Wrath- I’ve always had a hell of a temper, and can be quite vindictive when someone does or cause something I perceive to be an injustice or indignity towards me. I can be hateful at times, and full of rage towards those I’ve perceived have wronged me. I’ve gotten better in this regard over the years though, and have learned to control it better to channel that anger into a strength rather than just frustration. However, I can still be full of venomous rage over stuff like betrayal, mistrust, or any perceived attempt to harm me. When I’m in that state, I can be very immune to reasoning, logic, or objectivity. Everything is insignificant, and my thinking process tends to border on the extreme. The only thing keeping me from committing outright violence in this regard are the legal consequences it may entail, and the guilt I may feel after hurting another human being once I’ve come to my senses. The latter is usually less relevant though, as the person would probably truly deserve it if i

Pride- I try very hard to be the best of what I do or what I’m passionate about. I can be a bit of a perfectionist and believe that if you’re doing something, it should always be done “the right way”. My ego is something that I’ve lowered and mastered more and more in recent years, but there’s always an in borne desire and need to be better, and to strive to be above others. I naturally see many as being below me if I didn’t know them better, and I can be very overconfident due to my gifts and abilities. However, it’s never caused me to mistreat others and is usually something that manifests as a self confidence I keep within myself, if I can’t always externalise it in a way that allows others to see my accomplishments. I can be entitled at times, as I believe that certain things belong to me and I must have it. If someone I consider lesser than me projects their own inferiority upon me and attempts to drag me down or make me feel lesser about myself, then they risk triggering the above sin.

Lust- I can be quite erm…sensual, and usually don’t really suffer from being conservative in that regard. It’s definitely caused problems for me in the past such as failed relationships and what not. However, it’s also a reason why I’m able to start relationships with people who may not even necessarily be coworkers or people outside my circle, such as waitresses, caterers, or even people I don’t know too well but have a thing for. There are pros and cons to this behaviour of course.

Greed- A recent sin I’ve developed, born out of necessity. I want more and not just in terms of wealth. I want more luxury, more assets, more resources, and I want all these things so I can live and facilitate the life and goals that I’ve always wanted to.

Envy- I can be envious from time to time, but it’s definitely something I don’t suffer from as much anymore. I’ve learned to be somewhat grateful with my blessings, and no longer wish or imagine living someone else’s life. In my view, no one is actually perfect and everyone has their own flaws, weaknesses, and insecurities to be exploited. Thus, I never covet anyone else’s life or their problems because I know I must take care of me and mine. I can have a healthy bit of admiration for other people I consider to be my “betters”, but I usually try to learn from them and take any chance to work together with them as an “opportunity” rather than thinking of it as a wound to my ego that I must defer to them. So this isn’t necessarily a problem for me.

Sloth- Definitely was a problem growing up as a kid, as I was pretty lazy and unmotivated. Not the case anymore, as I usually have a mindset of getting things done as soon as possible, and even rushing. For me, living at a slow pace and taking a step back is actually harder than going a hundred miles per hour. I can chill at times, but I feel restless if I’m not doing something that I’m passionate about or something that is of benefit or purpose and meaning. I used to be lazier when I smoked weed, but ever since I’ve quit all that I basically stopped being lazy.

Gluttony- I burn a shit ton of calories every day, so refuelling is a must and I’m not sure if that makes me a glutton. I don’t really eat excessively, and am nowhere near obese so there’s that…I rarely indulge in eating sweets or additional helpings of food outside of the standard 3 meals a day, and if I do then I usually feel guilty about it afterwards. I have nothing against overweight people or people who get their dopamine from eating a lot at all. I can understand why food might be a source of happiness for some and I respect all different types of people. I just can’t do it because I used to be a fat kid and don’t want to go back to that 😅
  1. Sloth - I really procrastinate too much. From straight A student to college dropout. If i only study a bit harder, i could be at a better place right now. Even now, i procrastinate when wanting to take a new skill. I wanna be a different person...but maybe not now?
  2. Lust - Watch too much porn. Could have done something more productive.
  3. Envy - When i look at my friend's Linkedin or Facebook profile with their own family, nice car, big home...
  4. Greed - Everyone's greedy right ? Greed could be beneficial in this modern world.
  5. Pride - Wearing Gucci to work ? Buying that Rolex ?
  6. Wrath - I used to have a temper, maybe it affect my persona but otherwise doesn't impact much.
  7. Gluttony - How is this a sin ?
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