Quick Rock Lee Sketch

Sweet Jesus!!!! *orgasms*

:wtf :wtf :wtf

Edit: I was so stricken by the pure bliss I forgot to say 'thank you' 9,000 times. :lmao
hmm...i like the human-esque look he has to him
as opposed to his lifeless eyes :amuse
Looks very good! Lee looks pretty accurate with the drawing and the coloring :amuse So good in little time...
how can I not comment in this thread ;), absolutely gorgeous looking Rock lee, love how you did the pose strong yet elegant ^^ good job again dear
20 minutes... :awesome

I'd really love to see a drawing that you spend over an hour on. Seeing as this looks amazing in just 20 minutes or so...
I like how you did his eyes! Now he looks like this Chinese actor that I just can't put a name to.
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