Question on Pain?


Ok I was re-reading the pain vs Jiraya fight and Jiraya talks about the Deidara pain being from the Fuuma Clan.

Click this and look two pages back for the originals.

Does anyone know anything about this clan and if their could be a connection to pain's true identity?
Yeah.... the fuuma clan has been mentioned in the fillers, but Pein really has no relationship or has anything to do with the clan since the summoning body is gone.
The Fuuma Clan of the Manga and the Fuma Clan from the Anime fillers are two unrelated clans.

The Fuuma Clan was a real-life Clan of Ninja, whose leader (and successors) went under the alias Fūma Kotarō , the fifth one being a Legendary Ninja. Pain being of the Fuuma Clan then is just Kishi adding in yet another Ninja legend to his Manga background, like Sarutobi Sasuke or Hattori Hanzou.

One of the RAin ninja says that Pain is of the Fuuma Clan, "or so they say". The Summoner body of Pain comes from the Fuuma Clan and since they are preesumably of the Rain country, that's probably how the rumour started.
Pain himself likely has no connection.
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