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.Purity within the Darkest Souls.
♥ The Sasuke x Naruto x Sai Fanclub ♥

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.The Characters.

.Naruto Uzumaki.

Known as the Village idiot and main character of the series, Naruto is a mischievous young boy who, due to having the Nine-Tailed Demon Fox sealed within him, is shunned by the adults of Village Hidden in the Leaves, being it's Medium, and the cause of many deaths long ago. Before he was aware of this fact, Naruto was simply a young orphan, living alone in his house and basically getting attention to himself by pulling pranks, and vandalize monuments and statues.

Naruto believes that the only way the people of the village will accept him and acknowledge him as a citizen of the village is to train hard and become Konoha's next Hokage. This is ultimate goal, and he is determined to achieve it, no matter what.

.Sasuke Uchiha.

Sasuke is an image of a Prodigy. Known for his knowledge and power with his Ninjutsu, he is well-known in the Village Hidden in the Leaves. He is the sole remaining member of the Uchiha clan, a once powerful ninja clan of the village. He is very dark and serious, and is focused on nothing else but training to become a stronger ninja.

All of this is for one ultimate goal: revenge. His life's ambition is to grow powerful enough to kill his brother Itachi, and is determined to have nothing get in his way.


A gifted artist with the mocking image of Sasuke himself, Sai is calm and collected... and known for his frequent 'penis' jokes. He is apart of the ANBU Root, and uses a special Jutsu which uses his art in battle. Although appeared to be odd at first glance (and first greeting) he has a heart that cares for others as the anime and the manga go into depth. He may seem like a clueless person for the obliviousness to emotions, but he's quite the interesting character.

Once misunderstood before on what his true mission was, no one dared to trust him until he revealed the loss of his brother, and said that he would protect the bond between Sasuke and Naruto.

.The Bonds.
(In a Nutshell.)

.Naruto with Sasuke.
Tied By a Promise

It is both a rivarly and unspoken caring for one another. Naruto and Sasuke have similar relationships with their lives; both having a dream, both having the strength, both having someone to exceed.
Let's compare and contrast. Sasuke is Naruto's shadow as Naruto is Sasuke's light. Naruto creates bonds with people; Sasuke is solitary, and works alone. He works harder with the more people he meets; Sasuke gains strength depending on himself. He heads for the brighter side; Sasuke aims for the darker, running from newly made bonds.

Both of them know that one could easily surpass the other through fighting, and are constantly against one another in competitions and training. Not only are they gaining strength alone, with a teacher, or how many friends to fight for, but they only focus on that person, and only that person, who's neck-and-neck to their powers. Because that person is there, they work harder. Naruto said himself that Sasuke was one of the reasons why he got so strong. Sasuke (without speaking it) was marveled at Naruto's power, and because of the feeling of inferiority, it had the same effect.

The VotE summarized it up. Both shared lonliness and pain for what was lost; they were just like a puzzle piece, fitting into one another because of the similarities they shared both in childhood and now. One cannot live without the other, just as darkness cannot live without light; they would be incomplete.

Sasuke- "What in the hell are you...?"
Naruto- "I'm your friend..."


.Naruto with Sai.
Black on White Canvas

At first they hated each other, and as much as Sai tried to form a friendship as comrades with Naruto, it just didn't work.
That was until Naruto noticed something about him... That he was misunderstood and was yearning to know what a 'bond' was.

In the episode in which Sai was captured back from Orochimaru, he asked why Naruto valued Sasuke so much, even though he wasn't ordered to save him, even though he betrayed him. He answered straight from his heart, and brought up 'bonds'. It made Sai question what it truly was, and then it came to him. Bonds are something that shows you are important to that person; a chain that ties two people together to show loyalty and care. he had to thank Naruto for that.

Naruto reminded Sai of his brother, the one he valued most back in his childhood, and even now. He had the similarities; the determination, the loud-mouthed personality and being stubborn. It made him straighten his thoughts and brought back a valuable memory.
And what were on his lips were a true smile.
Kudos to Naruto again.

This all triggered Sai to change his mind about assassinating Sasuke to saving Sasuke, just for Naruto. He wants to protect the bond between the two, all because of Naruto's words. He tries again to understand emotions and what they are.

Without Naruto, he would've never thought.

Naruto- "Sai is my friend!"
This brings up why this threesome is canon; Sasuke and Sai have deep care for Naruto, even without speaking so. Naruto has equal sympathy for both, and couldn't do anything without them.



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