Pre VoTe Sasuke vs Chouji


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BattleField: The Forest


- No Cursed Seal Level

- 2 Shots Of Chidori

- Sharingan 2x Tomoe

- Has Lee's Speed


- All 3 Pills
This is a hard one...but I'm saying Sasuke in the end...if you mean Rescue Sasuke Arc Chouji (not current) with all the pills. If its current Chouji Sasuke has a pretty guaranteed win sheerly out of his raw power.

Chiouji has some pronounced weaknesses, among them his lack of long-range jutsu and no real demonstrated skill with ninja tools.
Basically Sasuke beats him in all fields at base, one he starts popping pills he gets a lot stronger to the point he can really cause trouble for Sasuke...if he can hit him.

The problem is that will Chouji hit him?

I'll divide the sections of the argument up.

Taijutsu/close range.

Base Chouji V Sasuke.

Here there's no challenge to Sasuke, although moving at Lee speeds does take its toll on his body Sasuke won't need long to beat Chouji and there's no way at base Chouji can keep up or land a blow.
Added to this Sasuke's evident superiority with ninja tools and Chouji is in trouble.

Pilled Chouji V Sasuke
With each pill taken Chouji becomes faster and stronger, I don't think he's anywhere near Sasuke speeds but he's stronger. So long as he doesn't do something stupid like a Meat Tank he can probably keep the pressure up, especially with his Partial Double Weight technique or his giant body slam.

The downside is that I just don't see Chouji being able to land a hit because Lee's speed is godly for its time, plus all Sasuke really needs is enough time to pull a Chidori and its over because Chouji doesn't have the speed to dodge it.

Primarily this is going to be Katons done by Sasuke as Chouji doesn't have much to respond with, Sasuke also tends to make much greater use of ninja tools (and sometimes rigs them) both of which turn the mid-range game greatly in his favour as Chouji can only respond with an inferior effort which is likely to be overpowered.

Neither combatants is capable of of long range attacks so I'll leave that section out.

Basically Sasuke is just superior, the only thing he lacks is brute strength and that isn't going to be a factor in this fight.
I would add though that Chouji's pills do add an element of unpredictability because Sasuke knows little or nothing about them, which may cause him to let his guard down long enough for him to score a hit.
On the flip side Chouji is never really very motivated and I can't think of a reason why he would be against Sasuke.
Choji goes giant mode and eats Sasuke alive :] Choji 3pils??Whole Uchiha clan,accept for Itachi and Madara xD
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