Practice Match Request Thread

Big Mom

The Sweet Tooth Yonkou
My Team:


Kalifa [20]
Blackbeard [50]
Mr. 2 Bon Clay [10]
Satori [6]
Mr. 3 [6]
Don Krieg [3]
Ms. Doublefinger [1]
Skinny Alvida [4]


I would love to go into a practice match with someone, just to get back into the gist of things.


Dr. Hogback's apperentice
i would like to go in practice match to hone my skills tournaments is the main reason why i join forums and i want to experience the rules so i can better prepare myself in future matches :woo

how about:
Gecko Moria(40)
Perona (25)
Spandam(with Seastone handcuffs)(1)
Hotori & Kotori(1)

if i use wapol can i use the Baku Baku Factory and merge 2 characters
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Newbie here, who will take me on?

Using this tire list: i would like to request a normal battle.
My team:
-Current brook
-Pre-skip Ussop


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Two rookies against each other, warms my heart to see new people. :33

I don't know how active the other person is though, so if you really want one quick ask Doots.


Two Shings
Doots probably wouldn't do it. Hiruzen and I were easy enough, I don't think he's gonna have much fun with him.


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Falfec is a good strategist from the KC, so it's not like he's an actual rookie to this stuff.

So it's up to either Kratos or Falfec to make their battle thread, then send the other a PM about it.


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Whelp make the thread, for yourself and Kratos, PM Kratos, and if he doesn't show then Shingpoo will probably gladly take his spot.

dark ut

i want a practice match...:laugh


team Fire fist

Ace [52]
Pre-Skip Smoker [28]
Current Nami [12]
Pre-Skip Usopp [8]
edit-: nobody wants a match with me ... :cry
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The B3ST

So we use that list right?Alright,I edited my team by the way how do we choose the location and distance,this is my first practice match.

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Go to the "GO ADVANCED" button next to "SUBMIT REPLY", then click on the "Sp" button, fifth one from the right of the second line of edit buttons.
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