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POTW Discussion thread


Imper❀triz 滅
I'm not going to reopen the contest thread, but if someone more is reading this post and wish to participate, you all can post a Halloween pic in Misc. section up to November 1st, 9pm UTC and, if there's more than one entry, there will be a poll.
No need to i was mostly joking Lu.
If so we could always post Halloween pics here in the convo to share. :halloweenkitty


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PotW 167 Winner

This week's theme was Sepia.

In second place, it's Entry 02 by @Rinoa!

And the winner of Photography of the Week is...

...Entry 01 by @Mysticreader!

Congratulations to all the winners!
You can choose next PotW theme, Mysticreader!

Ty all :gomen

Does someone pick a good theme for me to come back in with?

when is the next freestyle or can someone suggest in-game again?
@Majin Lu Could we have that pls if it doesn't clash with repeated past themes, ty :catsalute
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Majin Lu

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