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PotW 179
Vote Thread

This week's theme was Freestyle.

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Entry 1 - Great photo of this memorial and the time and angle you took it at add some drama to it. It's night time so the lighting really adds a different feel to the state and entire scene, and also including the person looking at memorial was nice for perspective of the scope. Awesome photo!!

Entry 2 - Really love the colors in this scene and gives me a lot of feelings of fall, when everything is changing or dying off for the winter but the change can bring a lot of beautiful scenes.

Entry 3 - Very interesting photo, I like the decision to keep it dark, it really delivers the mood and feel of the scene as if I was sitting there myself. I also like the focus choice of the close up on the food and drink and the background is far in the background and blurred out, also adding to the entrie mood of the scene. Very nice photo!!

Entry 4 - OMG this cat!! :sphinx I can't tell if the cat is happy to be photographed and posing or if it's more like wtf are you looking at me like that for human! Lol, either way love the angle and timing of this photo. I know getting animals in a good pose like this for a photo can sometimes be challenging. Great looking cat and love this photo!!

Great job everyone and thanks for participating!! Let's keep it rolling!!
1 - Very nice shot. I don't know if that was intentional but the boy in orange looks like he is standing on guard.

2 - Love the yellow autumn colours coupled with the lenses effect. Makes it look as if the POV is a camera in motion.

3 - Dark and not a desert guy but I like that eat in darkness with a glass of wine sometimes. Very nice effect with the city lights in the background.

4 - Cat!!!!!!!!!!. Is there anything that I can add? The kitty is just adorable.

All in all, very good pictures y'all!
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