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Just as it says. We've had this one for a couple of weeks now, so it's time for a change. Just remember

1. The dimensions can't be too large- most specifically the height. No one wants to take forever scrolling down.

2. Some people have poor internet connections so the size cannot be too big

3. I have no problems putting an Uchihacest image if there is not sufficient awesome in this thread. If only just to watch the reaction.

You can complain about having tele images here too. Everyone needs a place to vent.
I think we should use Ghosts coloring for the new picture. Though of course there will need to be a slight size reduction, which I can do if you like.

I submit the following for your approval:

@Para: Artist is named Lily, very popular fanartist for Itachi.

@Shodai: Approved of the first one XD
I support this one.

However I think what'd be a great one is if someone adapts Light's swimming lessons to Itachi. I'm kinda tired so I don't wanna. You do it Shodai.

How the hell is one meant to do that, Itachi lacks the enthusiam unless I shopped his face, and it would be half baked

Oh fuck it i'll do it in the morning
Itachi wakes up in a tomb, "Hi guys, that was a genjutsu." :zaru

My drawing ability is no better than Rukia's. But
s'th toying around Itachi's death would make the situation less serious yet s'th that reflects the insanity of this genjutsu fight will drive people nuts at the same time. :p
Well this is my idea. Its nothing special, but i find it funny and interesting.

It is also the truth.

EDIT: Of course, if you chose it, just upload the smaller picture.
I agree! Ghost's picture should be chosen; it's absolutely amazing and pretty much sums up the last few chapters :p
I actually like Pein's picture, it suits the anticipation of the next chapter well.

It'd only be good for like a week though. I'd go for the one by Ghost as well (that you posted). Think it's much more fitting due to the nature of the upcoming chapters.
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