Possible Best Outcome For Revived (lol) Plot


Ask me about Buttfuckery.
So we all know that a good guy needs to die in Bleach... Badly. And not in a way that Miss Fatty (Hime) can revive them. My bast case senario goes like this:

Aizen and Co. go to town and throw their little rape party, they do just enough damage to open the path to the kings key, but just before they go Aizen kills Urahara.

To me it would make sense. Urahara has served his purpose in the story line and is dispensable. Thats about it, short and sweet. I honestly don't give two shits what anyone thinks about this. I just thought you all should know what I was thinking. I leave you more informed and graced yet again with my presence.
I want to see Gin and Ryuuken duke it out. :( Aizen can kill Ukitake all he wants, but the real action is going to range based, for the first time in a good hundred chapters.
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